Alabama Map: Lamar County Alabama Map


Our investigators and journalists locate and study a huge assortment of maps for a multitude of reasons. We are often employed to verify dates, ownership, geographic features and other matters which can be supported by old family documents and historical official government documents which may include deeds, drawings, sketches and of course, maps. We also create our own digital maps for various uses. When possible, we like to share all maps and documents with you. Most of the time they will be published without explanation of what we were looking for but they may prove of interest to you.



Alabama Ghosts and Ghost Towns
subjects are common throughout the state of Alabama. Here are a few common ghost related subjects we like to investigate:

Alabama Ghost Towns
Ghost towns in Alabama are a popular subject for more reasons than you may think. For instance, it is often required that we survey an abandoned property or ghost town in order to recreate a past event in order to help determine if the event could have actually occured as described in old newspaper articles or testimony of witnesses. Louina Alabama

Alabama Ghost Stories
We do extensive research prior to investigating a subject in order that we may be as productive as possible in discovering valid and useful information. Research of a subject more often than not requires extensive travel throughout the state so we map subject localities as one of the first steps.


Adventure Island (Orange Beach Alabama)
Adventureland (Dothan Alabama)
Alabama Splash Adventure (Bessemer Alabama)
Point Mallard Waterpark (Decatur)
Southern Adventures (Huntsville Alabama)
Spring Valley Beach (Blountsville Alabama)
Waterville USA (Gulf Shores)
Water World (Dothan Alabama)
The Wharf (Orange Beach Alabama)