May 29, 1864: Moulton Alabama

May 29, 1864
Moulton Alabama


Civil War Confederate Brigadier General. Born in Moulton, Alabama, he received little education, became a tailor in Moulton, served 3 years as sheriff there, then worked as a steamboat deckhand until the Civil War. In 1861 he organized the Tishomingo Rangers, a unit made up of Mississippians and Alabamans who served as excellent scouts in the Western theater, providing intelligence prior to the Shiloh campaign and, acting as General Braxton Bragg’s personal escort during the Battle of Shiloh.

Gen. Roddey‘s Alabama cavalry makes a pre-dawn attack on camps of Col. Long’s Ohio cavalry brigade. Roddey retires after a hard fight of two hours. Long reports three dead and fourteen wounded; Confederate casualties are higher. A skirmish at nearby Antioch Church occurs on Aug. 18-19, 1864. The 9th Ill. Mtd. reports combats with Roddey’s cavalry nearby on Mar. 8th and 21st, 1864.

Editor’s Note: Moulton is a city in Lawrence County. The city has been the county seat of Lawrence County since 1820. It has been the largest community in the county since the 1920 U.S. Census.

Eli Long (June 16, 1837 – January 5, 1903) was a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War.

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