Blow Gourd Alabama

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Blow Gourd Alabama

Blow Gourd Alabama is in Blount County at latitude 33.947 and longitude -86.586.

Kelly Kazek, writing for, wrote an article in which she quoted Brice Marsh of Birmingham on the origins of Blow Gourd:

 “I’m not completely sure, but legend has it that Blow Gourd, the community about 2 to 3 miles south of Cleveland, Ala., on Highway 79, originated when that road was a dirt road known as the Tennessee Pike and was traveled by horse and wagon. It was a common settlement where peddlers would set up camp to sell their wares such as pots and pans and would announce their arrival and ready to do business by blowing on a horn fashioned from a gourd.”

The Clarion, Northeast Alabama’s Largest Newspaper, published “Memory of a Sand Mountain afternoon in Blow Gourd

Searching for “Blow Gourd”, the following video, Blow Gourd On Sand Mountan Near Pisgah, Alabama, by Rayburn C Hall was found:

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