Grove Hill Alabama

Grove Hill Alabama

“Small Town, Big Heart” – “The Heart of Timber Belt”

Grove Hill, Alabama is a town in Clarke County, Alabama. The area that is now Grove Hill was originally inhabited by Creek and Choctaw Indians. The county seat of Clarke County was established at what later became Grove Hill in 1832 as the spot was most central to the rest of the county. Known variously as Smithville, then Macon, the name Grove Hill was selected around 1850 for the large grove of oak trees on the plateau. The town was officially incorporated and chartered in 1929. In 1853, a yellow fever epidemic struck the town, killing many residents, almost wiping out the town.

Grove Hill Alabama History

The Grove Hill area has numerous sites on the National Register of Historic Places including the Alston-Cobb House, Bush House, John A. Coate House, Cobb House, Dickinson House, Fort Sinquefield, and the Grove Hill Courthouse Square Historic District.

Grove Hill Alabama Today

Grove Hill’s business development in town ranges from nationally known stores to unique individually owned stores which are great for finding that one of a kind special gift. Fast food restaurants are available or you can dine in at any of the locally owned dining facilities. Lodging, farm supplies, automotive parts, jewelry, groceries, appliances, antiques, and more can be found in Grove Hill.


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