Little Known Facts About Haleyville Alabama

Little Known Facts About Haleyville Alabama

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Haleyville Alabama Map
Haleyville Alabama Map

Haleyville is a city in Winston and Marion counties. It incorporated on February 28, 1889. Most of the city is located in Winston County, with a small portion of the western limits entering Marion County. Haleyville was originally named Davis Cross Roads, having been established at the crossroads of Byler Road and the Illinois Central Railroad. At the 2010 census the population was 4,173, down slightly from 4,182 in 2000.

Haleyville Alabama First In Nation

On February 16, 1968 the first 9-1-1 emergency telephone system in the nation went into service in Haleyville.

Haleyville Alabama First In State

The first Guthrie’s restaurant was opened by Hal Guthrie in Haleyville in 1965.

Haleyville Alabama History

The area around Haleyville was inhabited by the Cherokee and many remained even after forced removal in the 1830s. Haleyville had been known by various names, including Wards Grist Mill, Davis Crossings or Crossroads, and The Ark; Haleyville was chosen in honor of the Haley family, which had established a large mercantile business there. The Northern Alabama Railroad constructed a line in the early 1880s linking Haleyville with Sheffield and Parrish and spurring economic development.


The city has one site listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the former Feldman’s Department Store. 

Feldman’s is a two-story brick building that was completed in 1911 for John Dodd. It was the first brick building, and is the oldest surviving commercial building, in Haleyville. The building was purchased by Moses Feldman in 1914. He and his wife, Fanny Royal, were both Eastern European Jewish immigrants to the United States. They purchased Dodd’s building in order to open a department store in the rapidly expanding town. The store occupied the entire first floor, with assorted professional and business offices housed on the second. The Feldmans’ son Abe joined the business during the 1930s. The department store operated into the late 1990s, closing upon the death of the Feldmans’ youngest son David.

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