Ozark Alabama

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The Carillon and Bell Tower in Ozark, Dale County, serves as the county's veterans memorial for those who have served at nearby Fort Rucker. Alabamians represented on the memorial plaques include congressmen Henry B. Steagall and George W. Andrews. The bell tower, constructed in 1975, is 50 feet tall and contains 37 bells. Photo courtesy of Denise Ellis, City of Ozark

Ozark Alabama

Ozark Alabama History

Ozark Alabama Map

Ozark Alabama Map

Ozark is a city in and the county seat of Dale County, Alabama. The first known European settler in Ozark was John Merrick, Sr., a veteran of the Revolutionary War, in 1822. In honor of him, the town was named Merricks. It was later changed to Woodshop, which was its name when the town received its post office. The first appearance of the name Ozark was in 1855, when the citizens requested a name change.

Agriculture remained the most important segment of Ozark’s economy until the outbreak of World War I and the establishment of Camp Rucker. Now called Fort Rucker, the installation is the home of Army Aviation and the newly formed U.S. Army Warrant Officer Career Center. The fort remains a primary driver of Ozark’s economy.

Ozark Alabama Sites Of Interest

Ozark is home to three sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places: the Claybank Log Church, the Samuel Lawson Dowling House, and the J. D. Holman House.

The city of Ozark offers visitors a number of recreational and educational opportunities, including several sports facilities and recreation centers. The historic Claybank Church and Cemetery and the Confederate Monument, both erected in the mid-nineteenth century, offer visitors an opportunity to experience Ozark history, as does a walk down historic Broad Street, which is lined with antebellum buildings.

Ozard is home to Mabson Community Education Forest, an outdoor education facility with a pavilion, two walking trails, a driving trail and many educational stations throughout the 40-acre forest management and soil conservation site. Tours by appointment.

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