The 53rd Alabama Cavalry


The Fifty-third regiment of mounted infantry was organized in  the fall of 1862 by the addition of several companies to Maj.  T. F. Jenkins’ battalion, which had already rendered gallant
service at Shiloh.

Major Jenklns and Captain Cox commanded mounted companies in the Seventh Alabama prior to April, 1862. The regiment was first placed in Roddey’s brigade, and fought at Thompson’s
Station, Brentwood, Town Creek and in the pursuit of Streight.

It was on picket duty at Dalton in April, 1864. When Roddey’s brigade was transferred to General Polk’s department, this regiment was detached and was brigaded under General Hannon, and afterward General Hagan, in General Wheeler’s cavalry corps, and took part in the perilous fighting all the way from Dalton to Atlanta.

It participated in the daring raid of 1864 in Sherman’s rear, and captured 100 men and 1,500 beef cattle; it fought at Jonesboro and Resaca, and continued to harass the Federals in
the Carolinas.

Its first colonel, M. W. Hannon, was early promoted to the command of a brigade. Lieut.-Col. J. F. Gaines, who succeeded in command, was wounded at Waynesboro. Major Jenkins and Capt. L. E. Locke were captured near Florence, and Capt. W. R. Davis near Rome.

Source: Confederate Military History, vol. VIII, p. 283