Limestone County Alabama Ghost Towns

Limestone County Alabama Ghost Towns

Center Hill Alabama

Latitude N34 51.462′ Longitude W86 47.712′
34°51’27.7″N 86°47’42.7″W
34.857700, -86.795200

Clifton Alabama

Latitude N34 59.429′ Longitude W87 06.166′
34°59’25.7″N 87°06’10.0″W
34.990483, -87.102767

Cottonport Alabama

The town of Cottonport flourished in the early years of Limestone County. It was settled in 1818 and chartered in 1824. It was located approx. 1½ miles S.E. near the point where Limestone Creek flowed into the Tennessee River and was a prime boat landing. Steamboats from E. Tennessee brought much needed goods to this area. During high water, flatboats loaded with bales of cotton departing Cottonport, could cross the river’s rocky shoals and float to New Orleans.

Cottonport once boasting a town square, handsome houses, brick stores, warehouses, and a racetrack, gradually ceased to exist.

One of Alabama’s Earliest Ghost Towns

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Fairmount Alabama

Latitude N34 48.194′ Longitude W86 52.619′
34°48’11.6″N 86°52’37.1″W
34.803233, -86.876983

Greenbrier Alabama

Greenbrier is an unincorporated community in south eastern Limestone County. The population is 30 as of 2020. It is located 5.5 kilometers from the Madison County and Limestone County borders.

Latitude N34 40.123′ Longitude W86 50.712′
34°40’07.4″N 86°50’42.7″W
34.668717, -86.845200

Hays Mill Alabama

Latitude N34 52.801′ Longitude W86 58.185′
34°52’48.1″N 86°58’11.1″W
34.880017, -86.969750

Swancott Alabama

Latitude N34 35.845′ Longitude W86 47.316′
34°35’50.7″N 86°47’19.0″W
34.597417, -86.788600

Tanner Alabama

Tanner is an unincorporated community in central southern Limestone County. It lies nine miles north of the city of Decatur and the Tennessee River, and four miles south of the city of Athens. Tanner was settled along the Louisville and Nashville Railroad in the 19th century and was originally named McDonald’s Station, then Rowland. A Rowland post office was established in 1878. In 1913, the Tanner post office was established, named after Samuel Tanner who was the first mayor of nearby Athens.

Latitude N34 43.887′ Longitude W86 58.227′
34°43’53.2″N 86°58’13.6″W
34.731450, -86.970450

Veto Alabama

Veto is an unincorporated community in Limestone County. Veto was originally known as State Line. The community was then known as Veto, named after a community of the same name located immediately across the state line in Tennessee.Veto was one of four unincorporated communities listed in Limestone County on the 1880 U.S. Census, with a population of 69.

Latitude N35 59.678′ Longitude W86 59.326′
35°59’40.7″N 86°59’19.6″W
35.994633, -86.988767

Westmoreland Alabama

Latitude N34 56.762′ Longitude W87 12.832′
34°56’45.7″N 87°12’49.9″W
34.946033, -87.213867

Wooley Springs Alabama

Latitude N34 54.169′ Longitude W86 47.506′
34°54’10.1″N 86°47’30.4″W
34.902817, -86.791767