Historical Crossings and Ferries of Alabama

Historical Crossings and Ferries of Alabama

Historical Features are physical or cultural features that are no longer visible on the landscape. Examples: a dried up lake, a destroyed building, a hill leveled by mining. The term makes no reference to the age, use, or any other aspect of the feature. A ghost town, for example, is not a historical feature if it is still visible.





Name County Coordinates
Buchanan Ferry Talladega 33.567325592, -86.1327514648
Chancellors Ferry Talladega 33.0328979492, -86.3810882568
Collins Ferry Talladega 33.5087165833, -86.231086731
Colman Ferry Riverside
Ford of Talladega Creek Sleeping Giant
Fort Williams Ferry Wilsonville
Glovers Ferry Vincent
Greens Mill Ragland
Griffiths Ferry Pell City
Grissom Ferry Laniers
Halls Ferry Riverside
McGees Ferry Talladega Springs
McGowans Ferry Wilsonville
Mitchells Ferry Ragland
Old Kymulga Ferry Childersburg
Old Lawson Ferry Childersburg
Owens Ferry Wilsonville
Truss Ferry Riverside


Name County USGS Topo Map Latitude Longitude
Alvares Ferry Mobile Chickasaw
Arcola Ferry Hale Demopolis
Atwood Ferry Jefferson Sylvan Springs
Baggers Ferry Sumter Demopolis
Bainbridge Ferry Colbert Killen
Barkers Ferry Geneva Samson
Barnett Ferry Walker Goodsprings
Bartons Ferry Walker Cordova
Baskin Ferry Etowah Ballplay
Bean Rock Ferry Marshall Guntersville Dam
Bedingfield Ferry Lauderdale Cairo
Bishop Ferry Chambers Wadley South
Blake Ferry Randolph Ofelia
Bluff Port Ferry Sumter Brewersville
Botts Ferry Wilcox Lower Peach Tree
Bowlings Ferry Washington Prestwick
Bradford Ferry Cherokee Centre
Brake Ferry Jefferson Warrior
Brown Ford Randolph Ofelia
Browns Ferry Lawrence Jones Crossroads
Browns Ferry Cullman Cold Springs
Buchanan Ferry Talladega Riverside
Buck Creek Ferry Greene Moundville West
Burleson Ferry Morgan Decatur
Burlesons Ferry Morgan Mason Ridge
Burrow Ferry Randolph Ofelia
Burtons Ferry Walker Sipsey
Butlers Ferry Randolph Ofelia
Butlers Ferry Jefferson Dora
Caldwell Ferry Jackson Langston
Carthens Ferry Cherokee Cedar Bluff
Cave Springs Crossing Chambers Lanett South
Centreville Ferry Bibb Centreville West
Chancellors Ferry Talladega Talladega Springs
Chandlers Ferry Houston Saffold
Cheathams Ferry Colbert Cherokee
Chickasaw Crossing Colbert Waterloo
Chiles Ferry Greene Knoxville
Claiborne Ferry Monroe Claiborne
Clarkesville Ferry Madison Newsome Sinks
Cleveland Ferry Tuscaloosa Elrod
Clevelands Ferry Mobile Chickasaw
Clifton Ferry Wilcox Lee Long Bridge
Cochrane Ferry Pickens Aliceville South
Coffeeville Ferry Choctaw Coffeeville
Colberts Ferry Colbert Cherokee
Collins Ferry Talladega Riverside
Colman Ferry Talladega Riverside
Colters Ferry Greene Pleasant Ridge
Columbus City Ferry Marshall Columbus City
Cook Ford Jefferson Gilmore
Copeland Ferry Walker Goodsprings 33.6595535278 -87.176940918
Coss Ferry Lawrence Hillsboro
Cotaco Ferry Morgan Triana
Crabbs Ferry Morgan Mason Ridge
Craigs Ferry Greene Warsaw
Cridleys Ferry Greene Warrior Dam
Croft Ferry Etowah Ballplay
Davis Ferry Cherokee Leesburg
Denny Ferry Chambers Wadley South
Doss Ferry Jefferson Warrior
Double Bridges Ferry Tallapoosa Red Hill
Drakes Landing Ferry Hale Casemore
Draper Ferry Morgan Triana
Drummond Ferry Walker Sipsey
Durdens Ferry Sumter Forkland
Easter Ferry Limestone Salem
Edwards Ferry Cherokee Centre
Ellis Ferry Wilcox Camden North
Evins Ferry Lamar Henson Springs
Ewing Ferry Cherokee Centre
Finches Ferry Greene Warrior Dam
Florence Ferry Colbert Florence
Fobbs Ferry Baldwin Magnolia Springs
Fombys Ferry Calhoun Francis Mill
Ford of Talladega Creek Talladega Sleeping Giant
Fort Armstrong Ferry Cherokee Cedar Bluff
Fort Deposit Ferry Marshall Mount Carmel
Fort Williams Ferry Talladega Wilsonville
Fortune Ferry Dallas Marion Junction
Foster Ford Randolph Micaville
Fosters Ferry Tuscaloosa Duncanville
Fowler Ferry Etowah Glencoe
Francis Ferry Calhoun Ohatchee
Franklin Ferry Walker Gilmore
Fredrick Ferry Tallapoosa Wadley South
Gainestown Ferry Monroe Gainestown
Gainesville Ferry Greene Gainesville
Garners Ferry Greene Demopolis
Garners Ferry Colbert Sinking Creek
Garrett Ferry Cherokee Centre
Gays Ferry Choctaw Putnam
Georgetown Ferry Colbert Cherokee
Germany Ferry Tallapoosa Buttston
Gilberts Ferry Etowah Dunaway Mountain
Glaze Ferry Jefferson Gilmore
Glover Ferry Jefferson Dora
Glovers Ferry Greene Demopolis
Glovers Ferry Talladega Vincent
Greens Mill Talladega Ragland
Greensport Ferry St. Clair Ohatchee
Griffin Ferry Tallapoosa Buttston
Griffiths Ferry Talladega Pell City
Grigsby Ferry Limestone Salem
Grissom Ferry Talladega Laniers
Guntersville Ferry Marshall Guntersville
Hales Ferry Jackson Hollywood
Halls Ferry Dallas Tasso
Halls Ferry Talladega Riverside
Hamptons Ferry Cherokee Leesburg
Hardwick Ferry Cherokee Cedar Bluff
Harpers Ferry Coffee Elba
Hayes Ferry Sumter Epes East
Higgins Ferry Coosa Mitchell Dam
Hillman Ferry Greene Epes East
Hokes Bluff Ferry Etowah Glencoe
Holders Ferry Washington Ginhouse Island
Hollis Ferry Tuscaloosa Lake Nicol
Holly Ferry Wilcox Coy
Hollys Ferry Coffee Kinston
Honey Ferry Marshall Guntersville Dam
Houses Ferry Chilton Mitchell Dam
Howtons Ferry Jefferson Burchfield Store
Hughes Ferry Elmore Willow Springs
Island Creek Ferry Jackson Bridgeport
Jackson Ferry Pickens Pickensville
Jackson Ferry Washington Prestwick
Jacksons Crossing Colbert Florence
Jacksons Ferry Elmore Montgomery North
Jennings Ferry Greene Warrior Dam
Johnson Ferry Chambers Wadley South
Johnsons Ferry Greene Warsaw
Judkins Ferry Elmore Willow Springs
Kay Ferry Etowah Gadsden East
Kings Ferry Tuscaloosa Fosters
Knights Ferry Chilton Mitchell Dam
Lacys Ford Sumter Geiger
Larkin Ferry Jackson Langston
Lawrence Ferry Cherokee Cedar Bluff
Lees Ferry Baldwin Elsanor
Lees Ferry Montgomery Montgomery South
Leman Ferry Morgan Farley
Lewis Ferry Morgan Triana
Lindseys Ferry Cullman Cold Springs
Listers Ferry Etowah Dunaway Mountain
Littleton Ferry Jefferson Dora
Loller Ferry Jefferson Brookside
Lotts Ferry Choctaw Pennington
Lower Peach Tree Ferry Wilcox Lower Peach Tree
Magnolia Ferry Chambers Lanett South


Name County USGS Topo Map
Malone Ferry Randolph Wadley North
Manns Ferry Choctaw Calvert
Martans Ferry Sumter Epes East
Masons Ferry Monroe Claiborne
Matilda Ferry Tallapoosa Buttston
McAlpines Ferry Greene Epes East
McAlpines Ferry Greene Mason Bend
McBurnett Ford Randolph Wedowee
McCardney Ferry Etowah Dunaway Mountain
McCarty Ferry Tallapoosa Red Hill
McCartys Ferry Jefferson Gilmore
McCartys Ferry Choctaw Woods Bluff
McClouds Ferry Russell Omaha
McCoy Ferry Cherokee Cedar Bluff
McDowell Ferry Sumter McDowell
McGees Ferry Talladega Talladega Springs
McGowans Ferry Talladega Wilsonville
McGuinns Ferry Jackson Hollywood
McKees Ferry Morgan Mason Ridge
McKissacks Ferry Henry Columbia NE
McMahans Ferry Morgan Farley
McRights Ferry Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa
Memphis Ferry Pickens Pickensville
Merryweathers Ferry Greene Demopolis
Metcalf Ferry Lamar Henson Springs
Michels Ford Randolph Ofelia
Miller Ferry Walker Gilmore
Millers Ferry Wilcox Lee Long Bridge
Millers Ferry Tallapoosa Buttston
Mitchells Ferry Talladega Ragland
Morris Ferry Elmore Holtville
Morrisons Ferry Monroe Hybart
Moscow Ferry Marengo Coatopa
Murphys Crossing Bibb Pearson
Murphys Ferry Choctaw Pennington
Nances Ferry Pickens Pickensville
Newport Ferry Autauga Forester
Newtown Ferry Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa
Nobles Ferry Elmore Holtville
Nunez Ferry Baldwin Seminole
Old Kymulga Ferry Talladega Childersburg
Old Lawson Ferry Talladega Childersburg
Old Tindells Ferry Greene Casemore
Olivers Ferry Monroe Flynns Lake
Owens Ferry Talladega Wilsonville
Pages Old Ferry Coosa Lay Dam
Parker Ferry Elmore Elmore
Parker Ford Walker Cold Springs
Patton Ferry Jefferson Burchfield Store
Payne Ferry Walker Goodsprings
Payne Ferry Walker Goodsprings
Pegues Ferry Wilcox Lee Long Bridge
Perkins Ferry Cherokee Melson
Perry Ford Houston Grangeburg
Perrys Ford Russell Fort Mitchell
Phillips Ferry Walker Sipsey
Pickens Ferry Pickens Pickensville
Pickensville Ferry Pickens Pickensville
Powells Ferry Lowndes White Hall
Pratt Ferry Bibb West Blocton East
Prides Ferry Colbert Pride
Purnells Ferry Dallas Marion Junction
Reddicks Ferry Greene Demopolis
Rentz Ferry Choctaw Myrtlewood North
Rhodes Ferry Morgan Decatur
Ridleys Ferry Jackson Doran Cove
Riverton Ferry Colbert Waterloo
Robinson Ferry Elmore Our Town
Rowes Ferry Sumter Demopolis
Rudders Ferry Jackson Stevenson
Sanders Ferry Tuscaloosa Coker
Sanderson Ferry Walker Cordova
Sandy Ford Tallapoosa Hackneyville
Sanford Ferry Walker Gilmore
Section Ferry Jackson Langston


County USGS Topo Map
Sewell Ferry Cherokee Cedar Bluff
Sheffield Ferry Colbert Florence
Short Ferry Jefferson Brookside
Slaughter Ferry Morgan Triana
Smiths Ferry Greene Gainesville
Smiths Ferry Coosa Springville
Snodgrass Ferry Jackson Hollywood
Snow Ferry Walker Gilmore
Starke Ferry Jackson Hollywood
State Line Ferry Lauderdale Yellow Creek
Stemeni Ford Colbert Margerum
Stones Ferry Pickens Aliceville South
Stow Ferry Tallapoosa Jacksons Gap
Stringfield Ferry Morgan Mason Ridge
Sublett Ferry Jackson Hollywood
Sunnyside Ferry Morgan Triana
Talucah Ferry Morgan Triana
Taylor Ferry Jefferson Gilmore
Thompson Ford Tuscaloosa Lake Tuscaloosa South
Thompsons Old Ferry Elmore Richville
Tindells Ferry Hale Demopolis
Town Creek Ferry Marshall Columbus City
Tripp Ferry Cherokee Leesburg
Truss Ferry Talladega Riverside
Trussells Ferry Greene Boligee
Turners Ferry Geneva Clayhatchee
Two Branch Ferry Walker Gilmore
Tysonville Ferry Elmore Brassell
Underwood Ferry Walker Goodsprings
Vienna Ferry Pickens Citronelle East
Wadsworths Old Ferry Elmore Holtville
Wagnon Ferry Etowah Ballplay
Wait Ferry Chambers Wadley South
Walker Ferry Tallapoosa Our Town
Wall Ferry Sumter Panola
Wallace Ferry Tuscaloosa Lake Nicol
Ware Ferry Elmore Brassell
Warsaw Ferry Greene Warsaw
Washington Ferry Autauga Prattville
Welch Ferry Tallapoosa Jacksons Gap
Wellborne Ferry Randolph Wadley North
Westmoreland Ferry Cherokee Centre
Whaley Ferry Tallapoosa Jacksons Gap
Whites Ferry Jackson Hollywood
Whitesburg Ferry Morgan Farley
Whitsetts Ferry Sumter Gainesville
Williams Ferry Jefferson Sylvan Springs
Willinghams Ferry St. Clair Laniers
Winters Ferry Montgomery Willow Springs
Wisdom Ferry Etowah Gadsden East
Wood Ferry Cherokee Ballplay
Woods Ferry St. Clair Ragland
Yellow Bluff Ferry Wilcox Pine Hill
Youngbloods Ferry Bibb Centreville West
Youngs Ferry Tallapoosa Dadeville