Hipmoflux Sentences Melvin To A Lifetime in Alabama

Goanther and Hipmoflux
Goanther and Hipmoflux

Brother, have you ever thought about our future? I mean like what becomes of us after we’re finished with Raven.

With his well practiced Rhett Butler impersonation, Hipmoflux replied, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

“I will admit you were pretty good in that role,” Goanther replied with sincerity, “but you really could not do the stunts like Canutt could. I just cannot believe you really don’t care what happens to us after this.”

“Goanther, how many times have we had this conversation – maybe a million or two million times? Why do you ask those types of questions – what’s the point? It’s almost as if you think we have a choice of some kind.”

“How do you know we don’t have a choice? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. What if we do have a choice? Are we going to be accountable for what we do in this life? You should be thankful that I am thinking of these things. You surely don’t.”

“Goanther, you go ahead and worry your pretty little head about it all you want but I don’t think about it at all. If I ever think about it, and I did once – but only once; and I figured that we will be until we are not.”

“My brother the philosopher.”

Hipmoflux, becoming agitated, sarcastically blurted out, “You’re the one that can see the future, not me. What does your miraculous gift show you about our future after Raven?”


“There you go. Either there is no future for us, or we’re not supposed to know. Either way, I’m going to do what I’ve always done and I’m sure you will do the same. After all, I kind of enjoy what I do. I’ve traveled with the Valkyrie – boy that was a good job; I’ve been a messenger for the Cherokee and the Creek and some people treat me like a god.”

“Yes, I suppose you will do like you’ve always done and I’ll do the same. By the way, Hipmoflux, you’re not forgeting that you’re a negative role model in a lot of places and the butt of jokes in others?”

“Goanther, I get the job done. It’s my responsibility to be be as socially inappropriate as possible in some circles and a god in others. Some times I have to be more serious and even violent. It’s my actions that give the people what they need to tell their stories about the dangers of the world.”

“You certainly are an arrogant S.O.B.”

“Thank you. You always have had an eye for real talent. So, what’s ruffled your feathers this time?” 


“What about him?”

“The way you did him in Cincinnati – at Death Valley Farm.”

“Goanther, you saw for yourself what was going on. Melvin thought he had died and gone to heaven. Him and that George Remus were getting real chummy. Melvin helping load that whiskey was just too risky. I had to convince him to get back to Alabama and never leave again.”

“So, you decided to be judge and jury and sentence him to Alabama?”