Corn Field Day One Evening

The picture was a bit snowy but Starsky & Hutch was on channel 31, WAAY in Huntsville. Raven had been watching Starsky & Hutch since it began in ’75 and he and Jeff, Jeff Morgan, had spent a lot of weekends fighting crime as “Zebra Three” a couple of years back. Raven watched the program more out of habit now and because his father had grown fond of watching it. Raven spent as much time as possible with his father when he was not on the L&N. If his father wanted to watch Starsky & Hutch, then that’s what Raven wanted to watch even though Raven had started doubting the feasibility of doing undercover cop work in a red Ford Torino. He was becoming more and more interested in Columbo; it seemed to be more about how to catch the bad guys by using logic and analysis instead of using brute force and fast cars.

“People tossing and turning in their beds has to be totally just make believe stuff for TV and movies. It’s kind of stupid if you ask me,” Raven thought as he lay in bed, staring at the stacks of magazines piled on the dresser across the room. “Man, I didn’t realize I had so many unfinished projects,” he thought when he noticed the little pieces of paper, pencils and paperclips sticking out of dozens of magazines. “All good projects and info. Gotta clean off the workbench, though. That homebuilt helicopter looks really good. There’s always a solution. All you need is to know what the problem is and see what you got to work with and what you don’t. Tomorrow I’ll go see Sheriff Mac. Twelve-fifteen!” Raven rolled over and was instantly asleep.