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Digital Alabama Guide To Alabama Art and Culture

“The Starting Point of the Great War Between the States.” James Massalon based this 1878 painting of the inauguration of Jefferson Davis on a photograph taken that day and owned by William C. Howell of Prattville. The photo is now held by the Alabama Department of Archives and History. (Library of Congress)

Digital Alabama Guide to Alabama Art and Culture reports on the lesser known, and often hidden, art and culture of Alabamians throughout the state. We give accounts of events, fairs and festivals as well as museums and carnivals, but our primary objective is investigative reporting of strange, unusual and secretive goings-on in Alabama.

Digital Alabama Guide To Alabama Events

Digital Alabama is more likely to tell you about events, happenings, affairs, business; mischief, misbehavior, misconduct, funny business; informal monkey business, hanky-panky, shenanigans that others dare not.

Digital Alabama Guide To Alabama Culture

Unlike other publications, Digital Alabama proudly reports on religion in Alabama and our incredibly polite social conventions unless our hosts insist on talking about their favorite football team.

Digital Alabama Guide To Alabama History

We also discuss Alabama’s controversial history. We report on the Authentic American South, Alabama, in all its glory and shame. Let’s not forget Old Dixie and the Confederate flag. We unashamedly tell you what the locals opinions are about everything from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement.

Digital Alabama Guide To African-American Heritage

Alabama has a proud African-American heritage and we love to share the incredibly rich tradition of all types of music and literature.

Digital Alabama Guide To Alabama Food

Our focus is on the real Alabama. We have plenty of articles for history buffs and barbecue and very little on the highly advertised and over-crowded vacation destinations.

We welcome you to Digital Alabama.

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