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Digital Alabama does extensive research prior to investigating a subject in order that we may be as productive as possible in discovering valid and useful information. Research of a subject more often than not requires extensive travel throughout the state so we map subject localities as one of the first steps.

Ghost towns in Alabama are a popular subject for more reasons than you may think. For instance, it is often required that we survey an abandoned property or ghost town in order to recreate a past event in order to help determine if the event could have actually occured as described in old newspaper articles or testimony of witnesses.

We are not “ghost hunters” or any other type of “fill-in-the-blank hunters” with the exception of “truth.” Our small team consists entirely of trained and experienced professional investigators and investigative journalists searching for the real story – the truth. We are extremely fortunate to be able to call on former colleagues and a multitude of local experts across the great state of Alabama.

All of us here at Digital Alabama have what we consider the best jobs in the world. We are paid to travel the state and try to solve not only current mysteries but some of the oldest recorded or rumored incidents in our state’s history.

In summary let me say that you are the beneficiary of thousands of dollars worth of our time. We never publish results of our investigations without permission of our clients but we do fill these pages with incidentals of our investigations that make for some very interesting reading. We would love to work on your case. We would also greatly appreciate any information you may be able to share that would help us with our endeavors. We offer “Total Threat Solutions™” using the world-standard investigative process.

Henry County Alabama Map

Henry County Alabama Ghost Towns

Explore Alabama – Henry County Alabama Ghost Towns Abba Alabama, Abberdeen Alabama, Baker Alabama, Balkum Alabama, Brackin Alabama, Brown Cross Roads Alabama, Capps Alabama, Cawthorn Alabama, Choctawhatchee Alabama, Cureton Alabama, Dewit Alabama, Doswell Alabama, Edwin Alabama, Egypt Alabama, Franklin Alabama, Graceville Alabama, Grayson Alabama, Hardwicksburg Alabama, Hilliardsville Alabama, Lawrenceville Alabama, Lemans Store Alabama, Levin Alabama, Little Rock Alabama, Metropolis Alabama, Mill Grove Alabama, Otho Alabama, Smithville Alabama, Wells Station Alabama, Wesley Alabama, Weston Alabama

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Jackson County Alabama Map

Jackson County Alabama Ghost Towns

Explore Alabama – Jackson County Alabama Ghost Towns: Bellefonte Alabama, Bolivar Alabama, Boxes Cove Alabama, Camerton Ferry Alabama, Carpenter Alabama, Dodsonville Alabama, Dorans Cove Alabama, Dry Cove Alabama, Eliza Alabama, Estillfork Alabama, Kyles Alabama, Langston Alabama, Larkin Alabama, Letcher Alabama, Milan Alabama, Mud Creek Alabama, Narrows Alabama, Nat Alabama, Old Woodville Alabama, Rosalie Alabama, Sunset Alabama, Talley Alabama, Wannville Alabama, Yucca Alabama

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