Category: Anglo-Spanish War 1779-1783 Forts

Spain officially entered the American Revolutionary War on 8 May 1779, with a formal declaration of war by King Charles III. This declaration was followed by another on 8 July that authorised his colonial subjects to engage in hostilities against the British.

In early 1780 Gálvez embarked on an expedition to capture Mobile, which was one of only two major British military establishments left in West Florida, the other being the capital, Pensacola. Assembling 750 men at New Orleans, he sailed for Mobile on 11 January, reaching Mobile Bay on 9 February after being delayed by storms. He was joined on 20 February by a supporting force of 450 from Havana, but did not begin siege operations until the 1 March. After 14 days of bombardment, Fort Charlotte’s walls were breached, and its commander, Captain Elias Durnford, surrendered.

Source: Wikipedia contributors, “Gulf Coast campaign,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

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