Category: Lakes in Alabama

Alabama Lakes

The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division manages 23 public lakes in 20 counties throughout the State. These lakes range in size from 13 to 184 acres for a total of 1,912 surface acres. Each lake is intensively managed to provide quality fishing on a sustained basis. All lakes were originally stocked with largemouth bass, bluegill (bream), and redear sunfish (shellcracker). Channel catfish are stocked in every lake during the winter. White crappie and black crappie have become established in many lakes.

A valid fishing license and daily fishing permit are required to fish these lakes. Anglers 12 years old and older must possess a valid daily fishing permit. State-owned public fishing lakes are typically open six days a week from February 1 through June 30 each year. From July 1 until November 30, some lakes are only open five days a week. During the months of December and January, a majority of  the lakes are closed or operate on a limited basis. Information and schedules may change without notice, so please call the Lake Manager or the appropriate Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries District Office for the current operating schedule. Click for license information.

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