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Metal Detecting In Alabama

This Metal Detecting in Alabama information exists solely because of an interest in the subject by the editor, Terry W. Platt. That interest plus the historical research, interviews and travels is placed on the website so that it might help you connect the dots you have already located for yourself – or will find here.

X Marks the Spot
X Marks the Spot

The flag of Alabama indicates that if you are treasure hunting, “X Marks the Spot.” Right here in Alabama.

Abraham Lincoln once said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours sharpening my axe.” The same is true for your endeavors; sharpen your axe. Do your research. Check out our historical maps.

Pay particular attention to locations where post offices once were but are no longer.

Pay attention to Wikipedia’s city pages. The notable people, references and external links will give you plenty of ideas and help you focus in on your target.

Clarke County Alabama Map

Clarke County Alabama Ghost Towns

Explore Alabama – Alabama Ghost Towns, Clarke County Alabama Ghost Towns, Allen Alabama, Barlow Bend Alabama, Chance Alabama, Chilton Alabama, Choctaw Bluff Alabama, Clarkesville Alabama, Cunningham Alabama, Damon Alabama, Dickinson Alabama, Glendon Alabama, Glover Alabama, Kirven Alabama, Manila Alabama, McEntyre Alabama, Nealton Alabama, Nichola Alabama, Pouncey Alabama, Pugh Alabama, Rural Alabama, West Bend Alabama, Woods Bluff Alabama

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