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Metal Detecting In Alabama

This Metal Detecting in Alabama information exists solely because of an interest in the subject by the editor, Terry W. Platt. That interest plus the historical research, interviews and travels is placed on the website so that it might help you connect the dots you have already located for yourself – or will find here.

X Marks the Spot
X Marks the Spot

The flag of Alabama indicates that if you are treasure hunting, “X Marks the Spot.” Right here in Alabama.

Abraham Lincoln once said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours sharpening my axe.” The same is true for your endeavors; sharpen your axe. Do your research. Check out our historical maps.

Pay particular attention to locations where post offices once were but are no longer.

Pay attention to Wikipedia’s city pages. The notable people, references and external links will give you plenty of ideas and help you focus in on your target.

Henry County Alabama Map

Henry County Alabama Ghost Towns

Explore Alabama – Henry County Alabama Ghost Towns Abba Alabama, Abberdeen Alabama, Baker Alabama, Balkum Alabama, Brackin Alabama, Brown Cross Roads Alabama, Capps Alabama, Cawthorn Alabama, Choctawhatchee Alabama, Cureton Alabama, Dewit Alabama, Doswell Alabama, Edwin Alabama, Egypt Alabama, Franklin Alabama, Graceville Alabama, Grayson Alabama, Hardwicksburg Alabama, Hilliardsville Alabama, Lawrenceville Alabama, Lemans Store Alabama, Levin Alabama, Little Rock Alabama, Metropolis Alabama, Mill Grove Alabama, Otho Alabama, Smithville Alabama, Wells Station Alabama, Wesley Alabama, Weston Alabama

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Jackson County Alabama Map

Jackson County Alabama Ghost Towns

Explore Alabama – Jackson County Alabama Ghost Towns: Bellefonte Alabama, Bolivar Alabama, Boxes Cove Alabama, Camerton Ferry Alabama, Carpenter Alabama, Dodsonville Alabama, Dorans Cove Alabama, Dry Cove Alabama, Eliza Alabama, Estillfork Alabama, Kyles Alabama, Langston Alabama, Larkin Alabama, Letcher Alabama, Milan Alabama, Mud Creek Alabama, Narrows Alabama, Nat Alabama, Old Woodville Alabama, Rosalie Alabama, Sunset Alabama, Talley Alabama, Wannville Alabama, Yucca Alabama

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Explore Alabama – ALABAMA TREASURE LEGENDS Table of Contents: Alabama Treasure Legends, Legend of the Lost Confederate Gold, Old Flint River Settlement Gold, $30000 in Gold Coin Buried in Bridgeport Alabama, Loot Buried by Levi Colbert in Buzzard Roost Alabama , Rumors of Buried Treasure in Demopolis Alabama (White Bluff), C. Boaz Whitfield Treasure Found in Jefferson Alabama,  The Lost Treasure of Louina, C.E. Sharps Buried Gold Around White’s Mill in Florence Alabama, Jean Lafitte Treasure at Fort Morgan Alabama, Seminole Alabama Perdido River Henry Nunez, Morris Slater  (Railroad Bill) (Bay Minette Alabama),  Newton Alabama (Joseph Sanders), Wetumpka Alabama (McGillivray Plantation), Fort Payne Alabama (John Willsmith), Collinsville Alabama (Jesse James), Coaling Alabama (Hardy Clemens), Ironaton Alabama (Talladega County), Tallassee Alabama (Horseshoe Bend Treasure), Roanoke Alabama Mulberry Tree Cache, Bayou La Batre Alabama, (James Copeland Barrel of Gold), Dauphin Island Alabama Treasure Legends, Reported Treasure Finds In Alabama

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Dog River Plantation, Mobile County, Alabama

In 1988 the Alabama Department of Transportation proposed replacement of the bridge over Dog River at its confluence with Mobile Bay. It was soon discovered that the south bank at the mouth of Dog River was a historically and archaeologically important site.

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