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Why Do We Seek Out Alabama Folklore?

Why do we seek out Alabama folklore? Why do we interview the people we meet? The answer is really simple–we like to be educated and entertained by other peoples’ stories. Also, the more unique the storyteller or the story, the greater the likelihood that we, or anyone else for that matter, has not heard the story.

Those that are fortunate enough to understand the true value of transfer of knowledge from one person to the next are much like explorers and treasure seekers. They have a deep desire for adventure and discovery. They feel it in their bones: the adventure is in  seeking out the story–the story is the treasure.

For as long as humans have communicated, older persons have been recognized as a critical resource as teachers and advisors. But, that started changing about 100 years ago and today there is a great falling away of seeking out the wisdom of those that have experienced what we may not have. We are becoming a generation of “first time learners” because of our foolish avoidance of talking with others, especially the past generations still among us. We at Digital Alabama want to do our part to improve interpersonal communications and the passing on of the traditions and legends of Alabama.

Spies by Day, Super Heroes by Night

Spies by Day – SuperHeroes by Night

We love what we do. Finding the real story is exciting – especially when it can be shown that folklore and old newspaper articles are a bit removed from the whole story or the facts. We are professionals and are strictly business when doing our research but after hours we like to have fun, visit with others and dig for new stories. We are kids at heart. We endeavor to find the facts and introduce you to the history, culture, people and lifestyles of Alabama by way of entertaining stories.

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This morning, Raven’s question was “Hey, Goanther, old gal, where is your partner in crime?” but the bird offered no answer. Instead, it turned away from Raven in silence. Haven’t seen him all morning Goanther thought to herself. She knew that meant her twin brother, Hipmoflux, was probably off doing what he usually does—causing trouble somewhere. She could not see how to ravens, hatched only minutes apart, could be so different. 

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