Haleburg Alabama

Haleburg Alabama

Location of Haleburg in Henry County Alabama

Haleburg is located in southeastern Henry County in the southeastern corner of the state just west of the Chattahoochee River.

The Haleburg area was first settled during the late 1810s. It was named for Jonathan Hale, an early settler, although some sources give his name as Hales. 

As it grew, Haleburg attracted a number of settlers and merchants, a sawmill, a cotton gin , and a turpentine distillery. The town was incorporated in 1910 as Halesburg; it is unclear when the “s” was dropped and the town became Haleburg. It was reincorporated in 1911.

Haleburg Alabama Demographics

According to 2016 Census estimates, Haleburg recorded a population of 119. Of that number, 94.1 percent of respondents identified themselves as white and 5.9 percent as African American.

Haleburg Alabama Events and Places of Interest

The now abandoned Abbie Creek Bridge (ca. 1930), located about three miles north of Haleburg, is listed on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage.

Hidden Falls is just outside Haleburg Alabama.