Digital Alabama Guide To Alabama Counties


Alabama has 67 counties. Each county serves within its borders. The land enclosed by the present Alabama state borders was joined to the United States of America gradually. In 1814, the Treaty of Fort Jackson opened the territory to American settlers, which in turn led to a more rapid rate of creation.

Autauga County Alabama

Baldwin County Alabama 

Barbour County Alabama

Bibb County Alabama

Blount County Alabama

Bullock County Alabama

Butler County Alabama

Calhoun County Alabama

Chambers County Alabama

Cherokee County Alabama

Chilton County Alabama

 Choctaw County Alabama

Clarke County Alabama

Clay County Alabama

Cleburne County Alabama






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Alabama Counties Created From Native American Lands

Alabama was admitted as the 22nd state in 1819. The Alabama legislature formed additional counties from former native lands as the Indian Removal Act took effect and settlers populated different areas of Alabama. In 1820, Alabama had 29 counties. Native Americans still occupied large areas of land in northeast and far western Alabama. By 1840, 49 counties had been created; 52 by 1850; 65 by 1870; and the present 67 counties by 1903. Houston County was the last county created on February 9, 1903. The average area is 805 sq mi. The smallest is Etowah.

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