Alabama Indian Villages, Towns and Settlements

When Alabama was first established as part of the Mississippi Territory in the early nineteenth century, the vast majority of the land belonged to the Creek Indian Confederacy, and most of the Native American towns in Alabama were inhabited by the Creeks.

The Creek Nation was divided among the group known as the Upper Creeks, who occupied territory along the Coosa, Alabama, and Tallapoosa rivers in central Alabama, and the Lower Creeks, who occupied the areas along the lower Chattahoochee, Ocmulgee, and Flint rivers in southwestern Georgia.


Abihka was an Upper Creek Indian town east of the Coosa River and south of Tallassehatchee Creek. The first record of the town is found on Delisle’s map of 1704, where they are “les Abelkas,” and are noted on the east side of the Coosa River, apparently just above the influx of the Pakantalahassi.— Winsor.


Abikakutchee was another Upper Creek Indian town located in Talladega County. The site was first recorded on maps in 1733 and a census in 1760 listed 130 Indian warriors living there. Those living there were later reported to have a few cattle, hogs and horses and to assist the white people who lived among them. The site of the town is a mile from where the Sylacauga Highway goes over Tallassehatchee Creek. It was located on the right bank of the creek.


Located along Anatitchapko Creek about 10 miles north of Pikneyville, Alabama in Clay County, Alabama. Pinckneyville is in the south west part of Clay County near the Tallapoosa County line on County Road 18.


Was located on the Alabama River at the mouth of Autauga Creek. The first county seat of Autauga County was established at Washington, on the site of Atagi, in 1819.



On the east bank of the Tallapoosa River, in Randolph County, Alabama,  near the mouth of Cedar Creek was another Upper Creek village Atchinalgi. The community was destroyed on November 13, 1813 by General James White and his troops from Tennessee.


Near present-day community of Sprott, Alabama. Large town covering a square mile. 

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