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Made in Alabama showcases the many small craftsmen and artists that make their living making products for resale to the general public. Our list consists of artisan shops and retail outlets we run across in our Alabama travels as well as other Alabama artisan locations referred to us by others exploring Alabama.

Best Souvenirs From Alabama

Alabama Gift Ideas

Things You Can Only Buy In Alabama

Alabama Chanin Clothing

Stylish clothing and accessories made in Florence, Alabama. 100% organic cototn jersey fabric.

Sara Bowen Pottery

I create pottery that aims to please both the eye and the hand, with a clear affinity for Alabama flora. Both my functional and decorative pots are often filled with incised lines undulating across their forms in curves and petals. My pots’ surfaces typically juxtapose rough clay and smooth glaze, organic and sharp lines, oscillating between the precise work of the hand/desired perfection of the mind, and the organic work of nature and the potter’s wheel. My current body of work deals largely with floral designs and patterns of light, relies more heavily on sculpted forms, and often incorporates fiber. Handspun wool and silk can often be found strung through holes in my work, fracturing shadows and reflecting light throughout their ceramic bodies. 

Foods You Can Only Get In Alabama

Alaga Syrup

Alaga Syrup’s secret recipe cane syrup has become known as the “Sweetness of the South” and is proudly served at breakfast tables all across the South.

Alabama Knife Makers

Smith Knives

In business since 2010, our mission is to provide quality handmade knives at affordable prices.
You can find us on Facebook at
You can contact us via e-mail at:
You can contact us by phone at: 256-310-4619
Our mailing address is: PO Box 188 Jacksonville, AL 36265

Cars Made In Alabama

Alabama Sunshine
Natural Decorations Inc

High Ridge Spirits


Nalty’s Seasoning

Motus Motorcycles

Little River Sock Mill

Little River Sock Mill in Fort Payne makes quality, comfortable socks in a variety of sizes, styles and designs for all occasions. No matter which pair you pick, they are all ethically crafted with organic cotton and low-impact dyes.


Distinctive Food & Gifts Made In Alabama. You will be delighted with our wonderful selection of Alabama made gifts and food. Every supplier has been carefully selected, and each item thoroughly evaluated, with one thing in mind – pleasing our customers! Alabamians possess a unique blend of talent.



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