Nature’s Treasure: Discover the Splendor of Bon Secours National Reserve

In the heart of Alabama lies a paradise for nature lovers and explorers – Bon Secours National Wildlife Refuge. It is a unique place where wildlife, magnificent scenery and a wealth of biodiversity create an atmosphere of tranquility and wonder.

Bon Secours National Wildlife Refuge encompasses 7,000 acres of land, a habitat for wildlife. Bon Secours is a haven for migratory birds nesting on Alabama Beach, sea turtles, and the endangered mouse.

The preserve was established by Congress in 1980 to preserve the coastal ecosystem, protect endangered species, provide recreational opportunities, and serve as a living laboratory for students and scientists.

Bon Secours means “safe harbor” in French. A very appropriate name for a haven for native flora and fauna! The dunes of the Alabama coastline are a reminder of the Gulf Coast that once existed. This unique place is considered one of Alabama’s 10 natural wonders.

Compared to most national wildlife refuges, Bon Secours is small and includes five separate wildlife refuges in Baldwin County and Mobile County ( Alabama). The full staff consists of three units, but the park is assisted throughout the year by numerous dedicated volunteers. Bon Secours National Wildlife Refuge receives more than 100,000 visitors each year.

More than 370 bird species have been identified (recognized) by refuge staff during migration seasons. The largest are usually ospreys and several species of herons. Seven species of hummingbirds have also been seen. Mammals such as red fox, American wolves, and armadillos are also present.

Bon Secours National Wildlife Refuge is a journey into nature, where unique ecosystems and spectacular scenery await explorers. Whether you are a nature lover, photographer, explorer, or simply a seeker of solitude with nature, Bon Secours offers you the opportunity to encounter the richness of the world around you and find inspiration and majesty in it.