Ghost hunter Robert Simone say this "orb" is evidence of the paranormal.

Sweetwater Mansion

Stories of paranormal activity have been told about Sweetwater Mansion for many years. Numerous apparitions have allegedly been seen in and around the house.

The St James Hotel in Selma Alabama Considered One of the Most Haunted Places in Alabama

St James Hotel in Selma Alabama Considered Most Haunted Place in Alabama

St James Hotel in Selma Alabama Considered Most Haunted Place in Alabama

The St James Hotel is considered to be one of the most haunted places in all of Alabama. Located in the town of Selma, Alabama, the residents and many visitors to this particular establishment have issued several accounts of hauntings and paranormal events that have occurred. It is believed that a few different spirits enjoy spending their time in the building – in the afterlife. Two of the apparent hauntings that are said to occur include that of the popular outlaw, Jesse James, as well as his girlfriend, Lucinda, that stayed at the hotel one night. Several guests have reported seeing the spirits of Jesse James and his girlfriend, Lucinda.

Boyington Oak | Church Street Graveyard | Mobile Alabama

Boyington Oak

The Boyington Oak is a historic Southern live oak in Mobile, Alabama. In a city with many live oaks that are famous for their age and size, the Boyington Oak stands out as a singular example of one famous for the folklore surrounding its origin.
Ghost stories about the tree claim that visitors have reported hearing crying and whispering sounds emanating from the vicinity of the tree.


Bass Cemetery in Irondale Alabama

Alabama Haunted and/or Spooky Places
Bass Cemetery, Irondale AL

This cemetery is located on Ruffner Road also known as County Road 147 in Irondale Alabama. It is off a dirt road and back in the woods. The cemetery is 150 to 200 years old. Reports of paranormal activity are common. Alabama Haunted Places