Pinson Alabama

Pinson Alabama
Pinson is a city in the central part of the state, in Jefferson County near Birmingham, Alabama, northwest of Center Point. It incorporated in March 2004. As of the 2010 census, the population was 7,163. Pinson is located in an area of SW – NE parallel ridges, with occasional rock outcrops, especially toward the east-facing ridge crests. Pinson is home to the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve and the Alabama Butterbean Festival. Pinson is home to one of Alabama’s oldest caves, dating back to the Hamilton Period; three endangered species of fish, including the Watercress Darter, Rush Darter, and the Vermilion Darter, which is only found in Pinson’s Turkey Creek; and four historical cemeteries pre-dating the Civil War:

Red Hill Cemetery
Marvin’s Chapel

Pinson Alabama Facilites
Pinson Bicentennial Park

Hours for Park: Dawn till Dusk 

Hours for Splash Pad:
Tuesday- Saturday: 10 a.m.- 8 p.m.
Sunday: 1 p.m.- 7 p.m.
Monday: Closed

Price list for Slash Pad:
City Resident- $ 1.00
Police Jurisdiction- $ 2.00
Non-Resident- $ 4.00

Park Director: Mike Sullivan
Pinson Community Center 

Pinson Community Center has a full working kitchen and has a 60-person capacity.

Joe Minter's African Village in Birmingham AL

Joe Minter’s African Village

Strange and unique tourist attraction created by one man, Joe Minter. Located at 931 Nassau Ave. SW in Birmingham Alabama in Jefferson County Alabama. Phone: 205-322-7370
Admission is free and you can purchase Joe’s book and DVD. Facebook


FOP Range Inc. Outdoor Public Shooting Range

FOP Range Inc.
Outdoor Public Shooting Range
The F.O.P. Range is the nicest family oriented shooting range around.  The F.O.P. Range is located just outside Birmingham, Alabama, in Pleasant Grove, Jefferson County Alabama.  The Range facility has eight outdoor ranges, each with a covered shooter’s area up-range to permit year-round use in all weather.  It is located about 15 minutes from the I-59/65 interchange, making it a short drive from anywhere in the Birmingham area. Access: Membership
Sports: Outdoor Pistol (15, 25 ,100 yds), Outdoor Rifle (100 yds), Pistol Silhouette, Skeet​
FOP Range Inc.
91 1st Street
Pleasant Grove AL 35127
Tel: 205-744-2600

County Line Air Rifle BB Shooting Range

County Line Air Rifle BB Shooting Range
12501 Mulligan Dr., McCalla AL 35111
Phone: 205 616 5981Mc Calla Alabama is an unincorporated community in Jefferson County and Tuscaloosa counties, Alabama, southwest of Bessemer Alabama. Tannehill State Park features a 19th-century blast furnace, the Iron and Steel Museum of Alabama, various historical buildings, rustic cabins, and a campground. The park also has a slave cemetery. The park is home to several festivals throughout the year, including the Southern Appalachian Dulcimer Festival, the Down Home Psaltery Festival, archery tournaments, a civil war reenactment, and other events.  

McCalla Alabama

McCalla Alabama
Mc Calla (often shortened to McCalla) is an unincorporated community in Jefferson County and Tuscaloosa County, Alabama,  southwest of Bessemer Alabama. The community is named for Richard Calvin McCalla, a well known civil engineer, who served as chief engineer of several railroads throughout the South, including the Alabama and Chattanooga, the Tuscaloosa and Northern and the Knoxville and Ohio. He also served as surveyor of many of the rivers throughout the South. Located in Jefferson County Alabama and Tuscaloosa County Alabama. Alabama Cities Index

Birmingham Alabama | Jefferson County Alabama

Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham is the largest city in the state of Alabama. Birmingham is the county seat of Jefferson County.  The city’s population was 212,237 according to the 2010 US Census.  The Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Statistical Area had a population of about 1,128,047 according to the 2010 Census, which is approximately one quarter of Alabama’s population. Alabama Cities Index

The Bride Ghost of Bayview Bridge in Mulga Alabama

The Bride of Bayview Bridge

A lady in Bayview left the wedding altar and while crossing the Bayview Bridge in Jefferson County Alabama, her car crashed through the guard rail. Legend says her ghost walks the bridge in search of the groom. Other versions:

One of the most popular versions of the story revolves around a young woman who had hired a dressmaker for her wedding during the 1940s. The girl walked to the dressmaker for her final fitting, but on her way home she was attacked by a pack of wild dogs, killing her and leaving her spirit to roam the bridge for eternity. Another claims she was driving after the wedding with her husband when she crashed into a guard rail, killing them both and prompting her ghost to endlessly search for the groom.