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Alabama Caves and Caverns

Alabama Caves and Caverns

Alabama Caves and Caverns 

Alabama State Caverns

Cathedral Caverns State Park

Cathedral Caverns State Park is a publicly owned recreation area and natural history preserve located in Kennamer Cove, approximately 5 miles northeast of Grant Alabama and 7 miles southeast of Woodville Alabama  in Marshall County, Alabama.

Rickwood Caverns State Park

Rickwood Caverns State Park is a publicly owned recreation area and natural history preserve located 7 miles north of Warrior, Alabama.

Amazing Caves in Alabama

Cathedral Caverns State Park

Originally called Bat Cave, Cathedral Caverns was opened to the public by Jacob Gurley in the 1950’s. The cave was renamed because of its cathedral-like appearance.  Purchased by the state in 1987, it was opened as a State Park in the summer of 2000.  Cathedral Caverns State Park is a publicly owned recreation area and natural history preserve located in Kennamer Cove, approximately 5 miles northeast of Grant, Alabama and 7 miles southeast of Woodville, Alabama in Marshall County, Alabama.

Neversink Cave Preserve

Long known and loved by caver explorers, the cave is considered by many to be the classic pit. It is probably the most photographed pit in TAG (Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia) due to the beautiful fern covered ledges (including some rare and endangered ferns), waterfalls, and other features.

DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Par

DeSoto Caverns is a series of caves and a tourist attraction located in Childersburg, Talladega County, Alabama. Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, it is touted as “Alabama’s Big Cave”.

Rickwood Caverns

Rickwood Caverns State Park is a publicly owned recreation area and natural history preserve located 7 miles  north of Warrior, Alabama. The 380-acre state park offers tours of caverns with illuminated limestone formations estimated to be 260 million years old, blind cave fish, and an underground pool.

Russell Cave National Monument

Manitou Cave

Closed to the general public. You can, however, go on a guided caving trip with the folks at True Adventure Sports which is a great way to get into caving. The caverns aren’t lit, and the tour requires you to do rappelling, crawling, squeezing, climbing – your everyday caving experience.

Tumbling Rock Cave

Tumbling Rock Cave is one of Alabama’s finest caves. With over six miles of surveyed passage, it offers beginning and experienced cavers alike a true wild cave experience. The large trunk passage, called borehole, is accompanied by a stream throughout most of its length. The borehole is occasionally interrupted by multiple intersecting passages with several rooms half filled with breakdown (giant piles of large rocks) Some of these passages become sandy crawls which can be fun as well as challenging.

See Southeastern Cave C0nservancy for Additional Information

Stephens Gap Cave

Stephens Gap is a wild pit cavern, which consists of a vertical hole in a hillside. It’s 143 feet (43.6 m deep). It takes about a 2-mile hike to get to this cave, which is only accessible on foot.

Stephens Gap Cave Trail is a 1.4 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Paint Rock, Alabama that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The hike is 2 miles round trip. It starts from the open space where you park. (Details on where to park when you email in the permit). There is a sign labeled as the trailhead. Trail is easily visible, but just in case you can’t follow it, they have marked it with yellow flags on trees. The trail and area was recently purchased by the SCCI and is still being worked on.The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. The Stephens Gap Cave Trail requires a permit before visiting. The permits are free and can be obtained at:

Three Caves

Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge

Rattlesnake Saloon Cave

Bangor Cave

Located in Blount County near the former resort town of Blount Springs, Bangor Cave is best known for its incarnation as a nightclub and gambling hall in the late 1930s. Some decades before that, however, it was a popular tourist destination for locals and for patrons of the mineral springs at the Blount Springs resort. Encyclopedia of Alabama has an entire article on Bangor Cave.

Key Cave National Wildlife Refuge

Fern Cave Preserve

Noccalula Falls Park

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Guided Tours of Popular Caves

Cathedral Caverns State Park

637 Cave Rd, Woodville, AL 35776

about $18

DeSoto Caverns

5181 DeSoto Caverns Parkway, Childersburg, AL 35044 about $20

Rickwood Caverns

370 Rickwood Park Road, Warrior, AL 35180 about $18

Russel Cave National Monument

3729 County Road 98, Bridgeport, AL 35740

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