Gold in Tallapoosa County Alabama

Gold in Tallapoosa County Alabama
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Saginaw Alabama

Saginaw Alabama

Saginaw is an unincorporated community 2.5 miles north of Calera in Shelby County, Alabama. Saginaw is the home of the Saginaw Pipe Company, Inc., a major supplier of steel pipe, beams, tubing, and plate. Saginaw Alabama Post Office

 858 US-31, Saginaw, AL 35137Phone: (800) 275-8777

Saginaw Alabama Fire Department

Address: 1077 Co Rd 26, Alabaster, AL 35007Phone: (205) 664-7711

Address: 566 Highway 26, Alabaster, AL 35007Phone: (205) 664-7711

Fort Bowyer

Fort Bowyer

Built during War of 1812. At of the time of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the United States claimed Mobile and the bay as part of Louisiana Purchase. In 1813, on order of President Madison, the area around Fort Bowyer was seized from Spain by U.S. Regulars under Gen. James Wilkinson and militia under Col. John Bowyer. This act extended Mississippi Territory to the Mobile Bay area.

Five Points Alabama

Did You Know This About Five Points Alabama?

Five Points is a town in Chambers county with a population of roughly 141.
The town’s first post office was built in a nearby community named Lystra. It was relocated to the current site of Five Points, and both the site and the post office were named Five Points for their location at the convergence of five major routes at the center of town.


Murder To Aid A Murder

Murder To Aid A Murder
Bibb County Alabama

Randolph Alabama

Centeville Alabama
January 15, 1891
Transcribed From Vernon Courier, Lamar County Alabama


Randolph, Jan. 11 – Some three months ago Mr. B.B. Head of Bibb county was murdered by one Jim Tate, and Tate was arrested a few days ago in Jackson Parish, Louisiana, but its sheriff,  R. H. Jones, the sheriff, arrived in Randolph at 10 o’clock last night on this way to Centeville jail, and between the train hotel Mr. Jones was shot from ambush by unknown parties, evidently for the purpose of releasing Tate, the murderer of Mr. Head, and when Mr. Jones was shot down the prisoner escaped and is at large today. 

Coosada Village

Coosada Village, also known as Coosada Creek, Cosauda and Coosauda. Coosada Creek comes from an 1850’s map and it is thought “Creek” was indicative of the inhabitants, Creek Indians, and not used as a name. Additional maps label the area as Rileys Creek or Jones Creek and for a while the name was Coosawda. Present day Coosada is located in Elmore County in the central eastern part of Alabama.