Haleyville Alabama Home of 911 Historic Red Phone

Home of 911 – The Historic Red Phone

Home of 911 and The Historic Red Phone
1901 11th Ave
Haleyville AL

The first 911 call was made from Marion County Alabama in the city of Haleyville Alabama on February 16, 1968. A red rotary dial phone was used to make the call. The phone is housed in a plexiglass box in Haleyville city hall. The phone is on display during city hall business hours only so you might call to confirm.  


Phone: 205-486-5201
GPS: 34°13′48″N 87°37′8″W


Barnesville Alabama

Barnesville, Alabama is a ghost town in Marion County, Alabama on State Highway 19. Two churches and a scattered populace still occupy Barnsville. Alabama Ghosts and Ghost Towns Index

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Haleyville Alabama Home of 911 Historic Red Phone

Little Known Facts About Haleyville Alabama

The area’s first inhabitants, the Cherokee Nation, lived in the area between Rocky Ravine and City Lake Park. They lived near the “division of the waters.” There is a continental divide in downtown Haleyville where water runs north to the Tennessee, south to the Warrior and west to the Tombigbee. When the Cherokee were forced out in 1836, many refused to go and and later intermarried.

Buttahatchie River: The Buttahatchee River rises in northwestern Winston County, Alabama, near the town of Delmar, and flows generally westwardly through Marion County, where it collects a short tributary, the West Branch Buttahatchee River. At Hamilton, Alabama, the river turns to the southwest and flows through Lamar County, Alabama and Monroe County, Mississippi; its lower reach is used to define part of the boundary between Monroe and Lowndes Counties. The Buttahatchee joins the Tombigbee near Columbus Air Force Base, 12 mi north-northwest of Columbus.

The Long Lost Ark of the Covenant – A Wonder Verified

Research continues on an incident that allegedly occured in Marion County Alabama. While reviewing archives at the Library Of Congress, this interesting article was found which was printed in “The Hickman Courier” in Hickman Kentucky on August 28, 1885. The article is a reprint of an article printed in the “Pulaski Citizen,” a newspaper in Pulaski Tennessee. The article(s) tell of the finding of “The Long Lost Ark of the Covenant” in Marion County Alabama. Evidently the article was republished around the country.


Marion County Alabama

Marion County Alabama offers a range of recreational activities. The Sam R. Murphy Wildlife Management Area consists of 25,150 acres of game hunting. The Upper Bear Creek Reservoir and the Marion County Public Fishing Lake offer boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and birdwatching. Twin Forks Park, near the Bear Creek Reservoir, includes picnic and campsite areas as well. Comprising approximately 743 square miles, Marion County lies in the northwest corner of the state.

Bear Creek Alabama

Bear Creek Alabama is a town located in northeastern Marion County in the northwestern part of the state. Bear Creek initially was known before the Civil War as Allen’s Factory after a nearby textile factory, one of two in the area. After both factories were burned during the war, the town took the name of the nearby creek. At the 2010 census the population of Bear Creek was 1,070. Video by Nicholas Troutman

The Upper Bear Creek Reservoir, located on the eastern side of town, offers fishing, camping, swimming, and other water sports.