Alabama Ghost Towns Introduction

Ghost towns in Alabama are a popular subject for more reasons than you may think. For instance, it is often required that we survey an abandoned property or ghost town in order to recreate a past event in order to help determine if the event could have actually occured as described in old newspaper articles or testimony of witnesses.

Baldwin County Alabama Ghost Towns

Baldwin County Alabama Map

Explore Alabama: Baldwin County Alabama Ghost Towns: Battles Wharf Alabama, Blakely Alabama, Carney Alabama, Carpenter Alabama, Claire Alabama, Fort Mims Alabama, Fort Morgan Alabama, Gasque Alabama, Hurricane Alabama, Hollywood Alabama, Josephine Alabama, Latham Alabama, Marlow Alabama, Morriston Alabama, Oak Alabama, Roscoe Alabama, Rosinton Alabama, Shell Banks Alabama, Swift Alabama, Van Kirk Alabama

Blount County Alabama Ghost Towns

Explore Alabama – Blount County Alabama Ghost Towns: Bird Alabama, Birdie Alabama, Blount Springs Alabama, Bright Springs Alabama, Champion Alabama, Hendrix Alabama, Inland Alabama, Lehigh Alabama, Linton Alabama, McLarty Alabama, Murphee Alabama, Murphrees Valley Alabama, Rockland Alabama, Roswell Alabama, Royal Alabama, Taits Gap Alabama, Wynnville Alabama

Butler County Alabama Ghost Towns

Butler County Alabama Map

Explore Alabama: Ghost Towns in Butler County Alabama: Bolling Alabama, Dunham Alabama, Glasgow Alabama, Grace Alabama, Manningham Alabama, Monterey Alabama, Oaky Streak Alabama, Reddock Springs Alabama, Starlington Alabama

Calhoun County Alabama Ghost Towns

Explore Alabama: Calhoun County Alabama Ghost Towns: Bera Alabama, Choccolocco Alabama, Coldwater Alabama, Iron City Alabama, Jenkins Alabama, Laney Alabama, Mink Alabama, Nances Creek Alabama, Peeks Hill Alabama, Vigo Alabama, Wellington Alabama


Explore Alabama: Metal Detecting in Alabama -The information posted here is based on personal experiences and research of the author(s). The author(s) suggest that the reader check with local authorities before beginning a dig where there is any question regarding ownership of the site, ordinances or special restrictions regarding metal detecting or digging on public land, or removal or sale of archaeological finds.

Metal Detecting Federal Laws

Metal Detecting Federal Laws U.S. law includes a number of legislative acts that affect how federal lands are enjoyed and impacted. These acts impact metal detecting because finds typically must be excavated. Even if they are just below the surface, some amount of digging is usually required. The Antiquities Act of 1906 The Antiquities Act of 1906 was […]

Army Corps of Engineers Metal Detecting Regulations

Army Corps of Engineers Metal Detecting Regulations CHAPTER III–CORPS OF ENGINEERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY § 327.14 Public property. (a) Destruction, injury, defacement, removal or any alteration of public property including, but not limited to, developed facilities, natural formations, mineral deposits, historical and archaeological features, paleontological resources, boundary monumentation or markers and vegetative growth, is […]

Civil War Metal Detecting in Alabama

Explore Alabama: Metal Detecting in Alabama

Civil War Metal Detecting in Alabama Civil War battle sites prohibit metal detecting. However, the many skirmishes in Alabama took place outside recognized battle sites. There are many places where engagements took place on what is now private property and there is good potential for finds virtually anywhere that you go in Alabama simply because […]

Metal Detecting In Alabama State Parks

Metal Detecting In Alabama State Parks It shall be unlawful for any person to use any metal detection device in any State Park for the purpose of finding and removing, from said park, any items that are not his/her personal possessions without permission from the Park Manager. Many state parks do allow metal detecting on […]

Metal Detecting National Forests in Alabama

MINERAL, ROCK COLLECTING AND METAL DETECTING ON THE NATIONAL FORESTS It is Forest Service policy that the recreational use of metal detectors and the collection of rocks and mineral samples are allowed on the National Forests. Generally, most of the National Forests are open to recreational mineral and rock collecting, gold panning and prospecting using […]

Places To Metal Detect in Alabama

Explore Alabama: Places to Metal Detect in Alabama. X Marks The Spot in Alabama – Research is the key to successful treasure hunting.