Tawasa Indians of Alabama


Tawasa Indians of Alabama Tawasa Tribe. Meaning unknown. Tawasa Connections. They spoke a dialect belonging to the Timucuan division of the Muskhogean linguistic family, intermediate between Timucua proper and Choctaw, Hitchiti, Alabama, and Apalachee. Tawasa Location. In 1706-7 in west Florida about the latitude of the junction of the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers; at an […]

The Account of Lamhatty

THE ACCOUNT OF LAMHATTY By DAVID I. BUSHNELL, Jr An old manuscript of unusual interest, relating to the Creek Indians in 1706 and 1707, is preserved by the Virginia Historical Society at Richmond. It forms No. 13, vol. iv, of the Ludwell Papers, and is now printed for the first time. The manuscript is an […]