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Alabama Native American Tribes

Native American research is extremely difficult and time consuming. Many records do not exist and careless record keeping is evident in many documents. This is not to place blame on others because there were many factors which may have made the process of record keeping near impossible. The most obvious problem is the lack of a written language for most tribes and of course the difficulty of spoken language translations.

Our  list of Native American Tribes who have lived in Alabama has been compiled from Hodge’s Handbook of American Indians, Swanton’s The Indian Tribes of North America,  and research of family and public documents. Some tribes listed may simply be variant spellings for the same tribe.

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Illustration of the Tabu

From this example it must be sufficiently evident that the tabu as to visitors is not a hygienic precaution for securing greater quiet to the patient, or to prevent the spread of contagion, but that it is simply a religious observance of the tribe, exactly parallel to many of the regulations among the ancient Jews, as laid down in the book of Leviticus.

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Ethnographic description of Cherokee shamanistic practice. Based on several manuscripts written by Cherokee shamans of the 19th Century, this includes the actual text of the rituals to treat various diseases, information on herbs used, love spells, hunting rituals, weather spells, as well as a spell for victory in the Ball game.

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