Tallassee on Henry Timberlake's 1762 "Draught of the Cherokee Country"

Tallassee Alabama

Tallassee Alabama

Tallassee is a city on the Tallapoosa River, located in both Elmore and Tallapoosa counties in Alabama. At the 2010 census the population was 4,819.

Tallassee, Alabama has possibly showed up in our research more than any other Alabama city. Tallassee has a rich history of involvement with Creek Indians, the Creek Wars and the American Civil War.

Online information is far more informative and comprehensive so we will direct you to those articles rather than repeat it here.

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  1. This is information about Tallassee, Alabama is inaccurate and confusing. There in no Chilhowee Dam or Chilhowee Lake associated with the area marked on the map of Alabama. There is a Thurlow Dam and Lake. The region shown is correctly illustrated along the Tallapoosa River, but this in not in the Tennessee Valley.

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