Alabama Ghost Towns Introduction

Ghost towns in Alabama are a popular subject for more reasons than you may think. For instance, it is often required that we survey an abandoned property or ghost town in order to recreate a past event in order to help determine if the event could have actually occured as described in old newspaper articles or testimony of witnesses.

Bibb County Alabama Ghost Towns

Bibb County Alabama

Explore Alabama – Bibb County Alabama Ghost Towns: Active Alabama , Ashby Alabama , Big Springs Alabama , Cadle Alabama, Data Alabama , Ingate Alabama , Lucille Alabama , Mertz Alabama , Piper Alabama , River Bend Alabama , Vick Alabama

Baldwin County Alabama Ghost Towns

Baldwin County Alabama Map

Explore Alabama: Baldwin County Alabama Ghost Towns: Battles Wharf Alabama, Blakely Alabama, Carney Alabama, Carpenter Alabama, Claire Alabama, Fort Mims Alabama, Fort Morgan Alabama, Gasque Alabama, Hurricane Alabama, Hollywood Alabama, Josephine Alabama, Latham Alabama, Marlow Alabama, Morriston Alabama, Oak Alabama, Roscoe Alabama, Rosinton Alabama, Shell Banks Alabama, Swift Alabama, Van Kirk Alabama

Blount County Alabama Ghost Towns

Explore Alabama – Blount County Alabama Ghost Towns: Bird Alabama, Birdie Alabama, Blount Springs Alabama, Bright Springs Alabama, Champion Alabama, Hendrix Alabama, Inland Alabama, Lehigh Alabama, Linton Alabama, McLarty Alabama, Murphee Alabama, Murphrees Valley Alabama, Rockland Alabama, Roswell Alabama, Royal Alabama, Taits Gap Alabama, Wynnville Alabama

Butler County Alabama Ghost Towns

Butler County Alabama Map

Explore Alabama: Ghost Towns in Butler County Alabama: Bolling Alabama, Dunham Alabama, Glasgow Alabama, Grace Alabama, Manningham Alabama, Monterey Alabama, Oaky Streak Alabama, Reddock Springs Alabama, Starlington Alabama

Calhoun County Alabama Ghost Towns

Explore Alabama: Calhoun County Alabama Ghost Towns: Bera Alabama, Choccolocco Alabama, Coldwater Alabama, Iron City Alabama, Jenkins Alabama, Laney Alabama, Mink Alabama, Nances Creek Alabama, Peeks Hill Alabama, Vigo Alabama, Wellington Alabama

Chambers County Alabama Ghost Towns

Chambers County Alabama Map

Explore Alabama – Chambers County Alabama Ghost Towns: Blackman Alabama, Cedric Alabama, Chambers Alabama, Danway Alabama, Denson Alabama, Doublehead Alabama, Fordyce Alabama, Marcoot Alabama, Moorefield Alabama, Oakland Alabama, Standing Rock Alabama

Cherokee County Alabama Ghost Towns

Explore Alabama – Cherokee County Alabama Ghost Towns: Alexis Alabama, Blanche Alabama, Bluffton Alabama, Chesterfield Alabama, Congo Alabama, Elrath Alabama, Grover Alabama, Key Alabama, Moshat Alabama, Oceola Alabama, Pleasant Gap, Pope Alabama, Round Mountain Alabama, Tecumseh Alabama

Choctaw County Alabama Ghost Towns

Choctaw County Alabama Map

Explore Alabama – Choctaw County Alabama Ghost Towns: AQUILLA Alabama, BARRYTOWN Alabama, BERGAMOT Alabama, CROMWELL STATION Alabama, CYRIL Alabama, EMORY Alabama, FAIL Alabama, HINTON Alabama, LAND Alabama, OAKCHIA Alabama, SOUWILPA Alabama, TOMPKINSVILLE Alabama, WEST BUTLER Alabama

Clarke County Alabama Ghost Towns

Clarke County Alabama Map

Explore Alabama – Alabama Ghost Towns, Clarke County Alabama Ghost Towns, Allen Alabama, Barlow Bend Alabama, Chance Alabama, Chilton Alabama, Choctaw Bluff Alabama, Clarkesville Alabama, Cunningham Alabama, Damon Alabama, Dickinson Alabama, Glendon Alabama, Glover Alabama, Kirven Alabama, Manila Alabama, McEntyre Alabama, Nealton Alabama, Nichola Alabama, Pouncey Alabama, Pugh Alabama, Rural Alabama, West Bend Alabama, Woods Bluff Alabama

Historic Places and Ghost Towns in Bibb County Alabama


Bibb County was established in 1818 and called by the name of Cahaba. Two years later it was changed to that of Bibb, in honor of William W. Bibb, the first Governor of the State.

Bibb County was one of the largest counties in the State; but a great deal of its area has been cut off to make up the surrounding counties established later on in the history of the State.

Coffee County Alabama Ghost Towns

Coffee County Alabama

Explore Alabama – Coffee County Alabama Ghost Towns: Alberton Alabama, Clintonvelle Alabama, Damascus Alabama, Dismukes Alabama, Java Alabama, Keyton Alabama, Richiburg Alabama, Tabernacle Alabama