Goldville Alabama

Goldville Alabama

The name of the area derives from the discovery of large gold deposits in the area. The area was so popular with prospecters that at one time the temporary post office of Goldville handled more mail in a day than New York City.


Chulafinnee Alabama

Chulafinnee was a gold mining town about 12 miles south of Heflin, AL. During the boom years, it was about half the size of Arbacoochee, but had more brick buildings.
The mine filed was destroyed by one of the King brothers that were prospectors in the area.
The town was still listed on the state maps as late as 1878.

Mulberry Creek Tributaries

In Chilton County, gold can be found in Mulberry Creek along with its tributaries, the Coosa River, Blue Creek and Rocky Creek, as well as many drainages that are unnamed that will produce placer gold.

Gold in Coosa County Alabama

Gold in Coosa County Alabama
A belt of light green colored, highly pyritiferous, altered eruptive rock occurs paralleling the “Talladega” slate proper of the Talladega Mountains, on the south-eastern edge; and apparently maintaining its continuity along the line of strike, from the Coosa River, near the mouth of Weogufka Creek, towards the north-east into Cleburne county. This rock is distinguishable from the “Talladega” slates by the large percentage of unaltered pyrites it carries, as well as by its massive structure, hardness and toughness. These last characteristics cause it to be very difficult to drill and blast; while the quantity of crystals of pyrites imbedded in it has proved in the past very attractive to prospectors for copper ore. Gold in Rockford Alabama

Between Higgins’ Ferry and Rockford, the county seat of Coosa County. one sees the same schists and slates as occur on the west stde of Coosa River, but the dip is steeper and the texture coarser.

Men Panning Gold Created / Published [between ca. 1900 and 1927]


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The Gold Log Mine in Talladega County Alabama

The mine is in Talladega County, Ala., about 7 1/2 miles south of Talladega, on the east side of the valley of Talladega Creek. Free gold occurs locally in irregular masses in the quartz. The ore is usually massive and compact, showing no crustification or drusy cavities. It generally forms bands or lenses parallel with the folia of the schist.

Rocky Creek

It does not seem to me that Rocky Creek Placer Mine will afford pay gravel in sufficient amonut and of sufficient richness to warrant any extensive investigations.

gold in alabama

Stewart Mine

Gold deposits are documented at Stewart Mine. Gold is present at a grade sufficient to have a strong effect on the economics of an excavation project. It may even be viable as the only commodity mined.