Alabama Surface Mining Act of 1969 Summary Requirements

Summary Requirements
ALABAMA SURFACE MINING ACT OF 1969 Administered by the Alabama Department of Labor

Minerals Covered:

• Clay, sand, gravel, ores, and other minerals

Minerals Exempt:

• Limestone, marble, dolomite, and coal.

Permit Procedure:

  •   Submit a completed “Application for Surface Mining Permit and Comprehensive Reclamation Plan” along with the $250.00 permit fee.
  •   Post a cash, surety, or negotiable bond with the application, made payable to Commissioner, Alabama Department of Labor, in the amount of $2,500.00 per acre to be disturbed.

    Duties of the Operator:

    •   Construct and post a permanent marker with company name and file number.
    •   Restrict public access as a safety precaution.
    •   Control erosion and off-site siltation.
    •   Avoid damage to adjoining property and streams, leaving a minimum 50-foot


    •   After mining, grade site to rolling topography.
    •   Slope or bench highwalls on a 3:1 or flatter slope.
    •   Apply soil amendments as recommended by a comprehensive soil analysis, then

      apply mulch and plant permanent grass (minimum 75% cover) and trees (minimum 425/acre).

      Bond Release Procedures:

      •   Compete grading and re-vegetation within 2 years after permit expires.
      •   Notify the Department to schedule a reclamation inspection.
      •   Reclamation must be approved by a registered forester employed by ADOL.
      •   Bond Release Report signed by Commissioner; ADOL will initiate bond release.
      •   Bond will be returned to the operator or surety company as applicable.

        Site Inspections by ADOL:

        •   Determine location, site conditions, reclamation status, permit and bond status.
        •   Identify worker and equipment hazards.
        •   Ensure compliance with Open Pit and Quarry Safety Rules.

          Note: For complete requirements, see the Code of Alabama, 1975, §§ 9-16-1 through 9- 16-15 (Alabama Surface Mining Act of 1969, as amended), and Open Pit and Quarry Safety Rules of the State of Alabama, Department of Labor, Inspections Division, 649 Monroe Street, Montgomery, AL 36131-5200 or call (334) 242-8265.