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Digital Alabama is for those with an adventurous spirit. We have no ties to travel companies or destinations. Whether you enjoy your adventures from the comfort of your easy-chair, spacious RV or a bone rattling four-wheeler our research and cross reference fomat reveals the unknown and untold.

How Are We Different?

We’re not so much into champagne and five star motels. We’re more into the earthy stuff, the local comings and goings and what the local folks do. We’re into the local history, local legends and the secret history of people and places. And… we do not talk only about the positives and the safe streets – we tell you about the underside, the ugly family secrets and the whispered tales. Yes, we have content about the “must see” destinations and plenty of “practical information” because a lot of travelers expect it even though it’s dull, dull, dull. 

Alabama Culture and Lifestyle

If you are not from Alabama, prepare yourself for culture shock. We strive to encourage your engagement with Alabama culture, specifically the lifestyle of the people of Alabama, our history, our art, our architecture, our religion(s) and other elements that helped shape our way of life.

We tend to avoid urban areas crowded masses. Instead, we walk you through mostly rural and historical areas in order to expose you to the ways of local people, the real people of Alabama – their traditions and lifestyle. We visit local festivals, local rituals and rowdy hangouts and give you the good, the bad and the ugly.

Our Writers

Our writers offer you true stories from a variety of viewpoints. The majority of our articles are composed from information gathered from historical records and by our boots-on-the-ground investigators and investigative journalists.

Terry & Vickie are retired investigators now traveling Alabama as amateur investigative reporters. Their goal is to seek out Alabama’s unique places and people and revisit Alabama’s past.

Tracy & Stacy are traveling professional investigators that seek out the unsolved mysteries, legends and myths of Alabama. Their stories bring you the mysterious and unsolved stories from Alabama’s past.

Raven Cane is based on a actual living Alabama native. He is the main character in the novel, “Way Of The Raven.” You will read Raven’s first-person fictionalized narrative of true Alabama stories during fulfillment of his, as yet unknown to him, destiny.

Melvin Cane is based on a real person that lived from 1890 till 1980 in North Alabama. He is Raven’s grandfather and the protagonist in “Melvin’s Campfire,” a novel that gives an account of his lifetime of support of Raven’s destiny.

Goanther™ and Hipmoflux™ are shapeshifting twin entities, brother and sister, modeled after the spirits known to many American Indian tribes and told in their legends and lore. The pair share a destiny that calls for them to prepare the way for Raven.

We’re For Hire… Sorta

We prefer to go our own way, but… if your home town regarded as dull or insignificant – or maybe your business or talent is unknown? That can be changed in as little as a week by hiring The Old Couple (Terry & Vickie). Our real talent is in putting the people and places of Alabama on the map! Does your community have local legends, unsolved mysteries or something of historical significance? For just a little more than covering our travel expenses, we will visit, interview, photograph and write your story. Now that really is a deal – a pair of travel writers with investigative, photography and journalism experience. Call Terry at 251-583-5955 for details.


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Brochures & Maps:

The research we do, the places we go and the people we meet allows us to create some pretty unique homemade travel brochures and maps. They really do have information you will not find anywhere else. Really! Where else are you going to find a visitor’s guide for Bug Tussle Alabama? You can order our brochures and maps HERE.

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