Ruins of Pratt Mill in Prattville Alabama

The ‘Lady in Black’ Haunts an Old Cotton Gin in Prattville Alabama

Prattville’s Lady in Black is one of the area’s most notorious legends. In the 1800s children often worked in factories and accidents were commonplace as well as deaths.

Willie Youngblood, a 10-year-old working in the mill, became a firsthand example of this. Youngblood fell to his death in one of the mills shafts. His mother threw herself from the dam just outside of the Pratt Mill. Her ghost is the Lady in Black.

Ghost Bridge

Ghost Bridge already appears terrifying and haunted simply by its dilapidated and decayed appearance. There are also several rumors from locals of a white mist that rises from the creek and lies atop the bridge.

Covered bridge over Mulberry Fork or Black Warrior River straddling the Cullman and Blount County line south of Arab, Alabama.

Jack Cole Road Most Haunted in Alabama

Jack Cole Road is an unpaved road surrounded by dense woods and wilderness off Highway 7 in Blount County. Since 1890, 68 deaths. The next time you find yourself passing through Hayden, Alabama and come to Jack Cole Road, you might want to pass on by. Many strange and grisly happenings are still reported.

Twelfth of twelve photographs documenting the bombardment of Fort Morgan, Alabama, by Union troops in August 1864.

Fort Morgan

It is rumored that visitors can hear the cries and screams of men late into the night, and they have seen the ghost of a solitary woman searching for justice after being killed at the fort.

General Lafayette stopped at the tavern in 1825, while on a tour of the United States. The building has been moved to Old Alabama Town in downtown Montgomery, Alabama.

Lucas Tavern

Lucas’ Tavern – a popular old “watering spot”. It was located in Montgomery County in the town of Waugh and sat on the old Federal Road. The original building was moved to Montgomery in 1978 and is in Old Alabama Town.

Drish Mansion

Drish Mansion
Tuscaloosa’s Drish House has officially been named the most haunted place in Alabama. It was built in 1937 by Dr. John R. Drish over a 450-acre plantation. The Drish mansion has as much reason to be haunted as any place in Alabama. Apparently, Dr. Drish, who loved gambling and drinking, died in 1867 from falling down a stairway while drunk. One evening he ran from his bed and headed towards the staircase. He fell halfway down the stairs and died.

The Tutwiler Hotel

The Tutwiler Hotel ghost story began with the bartender who was in charge of closing up the kitchen every night. Every night he would turn off all the lights before he left. He began to notice that the lights would turn right back on. One night he turned the lights off five times and finally gave up and went home.

Sloss Furnaces

After his disappearance, workers continuously complained of an “unnatural presence” in the worksite, and some complained of being pushed from behind or being told by a mysterious voice to “get back to work.”