Kendall Manor (Source: Rivers Langley via Wikimedia Commons)

Kendall Manor in Eufaula Alabama Is Said To Be Haunted by Annie

Explore Alabama: Eufaula, Barbour County, Alabama. Guests of Kendall Manor reported seeing apparitions on the porch and downstairs of a woman in Victorian dress and a little girl. Others claim to have seen the apparition of a man in a top hat in the parlor.

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Huggin’ Molly Ghost of Abbeville

Huggin’ Molly Ghost of Abbeville
For mothers wanting their children to hurry home at dark, the legend of the witch-like Huggin’ Molly was a helper. For children, she was downright frightening. Legend claims a phantom woman would appear to children, but only at night. She would squeeze them tightly, then scream in their ears. She never harmed them, other than perhaps causing some ringing in their ears.

Boyington Oak | Church Street Graveyard | Mobile Alabama

Boyington Oak

Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama: The Boyington Oak is a historic Southern live oak in Mobile, Alabama. In a city with many live oaks that are famous for their age and size, the Boyington Oak stands out as a singular example of one famous for the folklore surrounding its origin.
Ghost stories about the tree claim that visitors have reported hearing crying and whispering sounds emanating from the vicinity of the tree.

Sloss Furnaces

Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama: After his disappearance, workers continuously complained of an “unnatural presence” in the worksite, and some complained of being pushed from behind or being told by a mysterious voice to “get back to work.”

The Sinister Sepulchre: Oakey Streak Methodist Church

Consolation Church Cemetery, Red Level Alabama

Red Level, Convington County, Alabama

Located at the intersection of Halso Mill Road and Oakey Streak Road in Butler County, Alabama. The tiny church, popular rural legend in south-central Alabama near the Florida panhandle, has the misfortune of a plague of paranormal phenomenon: ghosts, hellhounds, and strange wailings, and other disturbances are told of the Oakey Streak Methodist Church near Red Level, Alabama.


Albertville Alabama Avenue Middle School

Albertville, Marshall County, Alabama: Alabama Avenue Middle School is haunted for unknown reasons. At night, doors are known to slam on their own, accompanied by flickering lights. Students at the school have reported locking their lockers, heaving, and then coming back to find their lockers unlocked.

The Tutwiler Hotel

Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama: The Tutwiler Hotel ghost story began with the bartender who was in charge of closing up the kitchen every night. Every night he would turn off all the lights before he left. He began to notice that the lights would turn right back on. One night he turned the lights off five times and finally gave up and went home.

Covered bridge over Mulberry Fork or Black Warrior River straddling the Cullman and Blount County line south of Arab, Alabama.

Jack Cole Road Most Haunted in Alabama

Hayden, Blount County, Alabama: Jack Cole Road is an unpaved road surrounded by dense woods and wilderness off Highway 7 in Blount County. Since 1890, 68 deaths. The next time you find yourself passing through Hayden, Alabama and come to Jack Cole Road, you might want to pass on by. Many strange and grisly happenings are still reported.

Ruins of Pratt Mill in Prattville Alabama

The ‘Lady in Black’ Haunts an Old Cotton Gin in Prattville Alabama

Prattville, Autauga County, Alabama. Prattville’s Lady in Black is one of the area’s most notorious legends. In the 1800s children often worked in factories and accidents were commonplace as well as deaths.

Willie Youngblood, a 10-year-old working in the mill, became a firsthand example of this. Youngblood fell to his death in one of the mills shafts. His mother threw herself from the dam just outside of the Pratt Mill. Her ghost is the Lady in Black.

Salem Shotwell Bridge in 2003 Before It Was Rebuilt

Salem-Shotwell Covered Bridge

After months of negations, the Lee County Commission approved to transfer ownership of what remained of the Salem-Shotwell Covered Bridge to the City of Opelika during a meeting held on October 31, 2005. An agreement was reached by the Lee County Historical Society and the Opelika Kiwanis Club to reconstruct the bridge over Rocky Brook at Opelika Municipal Park.

Adamsville Alabama

Adamsville Alabama

Adamsville, Jefferson County, Alabama seems to be a hotbed of paranormal activity. There are many different ghost stories linked to various different locations across Alabama, especially those that were formerly home to native Americans.