Is Bear Creek Swamp in Prattville Alabama Really Haunted?

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Is Bear Creek Swamp in Prattville Alabama Really Haunted?

Many spooky tales surround Bear Creek Swamp in Prattville Alabama. Some say it is haunted by a mother in search of her long-lost child. Legend says if someone says, “We have your baby,” she will attack. Others claim to have seen phantom cars, strange balls of light and the apparition of a small figure, about 4 feet tall.

Bear Creek Swamp is allegedly the home of unexplained lights, sounds, and even spectral vehicles. Twenty-one porcelain dolls were found mounted to the top of stakes protruding from the swamp water. No one knows if it was a prank or something paranormal.

Stories of ghosts and haunting in Bear Creek Swamp are seldom hastily dismissed due to its known history of Indian villages and civil war action in the area.

Don’t stop. All you have to do is drive through it. Many motorists have reported a four foot tall, child-like apparition appearing in front of their car. If you do stop, you may be treated to phantom cars, strange orbs of light, or even the ghost of a mother searching for her lost child.

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