Ghost of Sturdivant Hall Walks the Halls at Night

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Sturdivant Hall in Selma, Alabama.

Sporting the Greek Revival style, Sturdivant Hall, located in Selma, Alabama, is a beauty to behold. Construction of the mansion ran from 1852-1854. Col. Edward T. Watts and his family lived in the house upon completion.

In 1864, Watts sold the house and the family moved to Texas. The buyer, John McGee Parkman, would go on to be president of the First National Bank of Selma. Unfortunately, he ended up on the wrong side of the law as a result of financial losses. Parkman was killed while trying to escape jail in 1867. Legend has it that his ghost returned to his former home and still walks the halls at night.

Now a historic museum maintained by the City of Selma, Sturdivant Hall is allegedly still home to John Parkman. Visitors have seen chairs rock on their own and doors open for no apparent reason. Latches on windows and doors have done and undone themselves, sometimes setting off the building’s alarm at night.

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