Map: Streight’s Raid Route in 1863

Route of Streight’s Raid through Northern Alabama, which started at Nashville and was eventually headed for Rome, GA. Streight’s Raid included the Battle of Day’s Gap. Straight-lines simply connect the places in chronological order and should not be considered anywhere near accurate route paths. Nashville, Tennessee (April 7-10) — proceeded by river
Palmyra, Tennessee (April 11-13) — proceeded on foot
Yellow Creek, Tennessee (April 13-14) — proceeded on foot
Fort Henry, Tennessee (April 15-17) — proceeded by river
Eastport, Mississippi (April 19-21) — proceeded either by foot or river
Bear Creek/River, Mississippi (April 22) — proceeded on foot the rest of the way
Tuscumbia, Alabama (April 24-26)
Mount Hope, Alabama (April 27-28)
Moulton, Alabama (April 28)
Day’s Gap, Alabama (April 29-30)
Battle of Day’s Gap (April 30)
Skirmish at Crooked Creek (April 30)
Skirmish at Hog Mountain (April 30)
Arrival at Blountsville (May 1)
Skirmishes at Blountsville (May 1)
Skirmishes at the East Branch of the Black Warrior River (May 1)
Skirmishes at the crossing of Black Creek, near Gadsden (May 2)
Damaged ammunition while crossing Will’s Creek, near Gadsden (May 2)
Gadsden, Alabama (May 2)
Blount’s plantation, about 15 miles from Gadsden (May 2)
Skirmishes at/near Blount’s plantation (May 2-3)
Centre, Alabama (May 3)
Cedar Bluff, Alabama (May 3)
Surrender to Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest outside Cedar Bluff, Alabama (May 3)
Taken to Richmond, Virginia as prisoners of war

Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons. This map was created using Streight’s Report, available at Wikisource.