Bacon Level Alabama

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Bacon Level Alabama

Bacon Level is an unincorporated community located 3–4 miles southeast of Roanoke, in Randolph County. Folk lore has it that some pioneers in the 1800s had their provisions stolen. They were told there were some outlaws up the way, where the trail leveled out. That’s where they found their bacon at the level spot, hence the name Bacon Level.”

In this community were many potters (and in old Cedric, approx. 1 mile to South, Southeast) who are highly regarded for their excellent pottery.  They used the local porcelain white clay of highest quality, sometimes along with some local red clay with an outer glaze of hickory ashes giving a tan or grown glaze. See Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art article for more information.

This industry began in late 1820’s and continued on 60–70 years. And continues esp today in nearby Rock Mills, Alabama about 3 miles to the north. Before the railroad came through nearby, 5-10 wagon loads of pottery would be sent to the Valley area to the further south. The immigration roads passing nearby allowed those moving on west to Mississippi and Texas, to buy needed urns manufactured here.

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