Slapout Alabama

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Slapout Alabama Store

Slapout Alabama Store

Slapout Alabama

Slapout, also called Holtville, is a census-designated place and unincorporated community in Elmore CountySlapout is located on the western bank of Lake Jordan, and much of its population lives along this lakeshore, or in the neighboring Lightwood community.

According to tradition, the old name of Slapout was derived from a storekeeper’s way of stating an item was out of stock: he was “slap out of it”. 

The community of Slapout is located in Elmore County, adjoining another small community called Holtville.

Slapout Alabama Zip Code

Neither community has a post office; residents are on the Deatsville route. Deatsville Alabama, zip code 36022

To enjoy a visit to Slapout, watch the video by SlapoutSweety. Also, there is a video on the history of Slapout.

Holtville was the subject of a 1945 film by The United States Information Agency that highlighted how a rural community can overcome poverty and poor soil through education and commitment.”

Slapout Alabama Population

Slapout population was 4,096 as of the 2010 census.

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