4th Alabama Infantry Regiment

4th Alabama Infantry Regiment Field and Staff

Colonels – Egbert J. Jones of Madison; killed at the first Manassas. Evander M. Law of Macon; promoted. Pinckney D. Bowles* of Conecuh.

Lieutenant Colonels – E.M. Law; promoted. Thomas J. Goldsby of Dallas; wounded at Cold Harbor; resigned. Owen K. McLemore of Chambers; killed at Boonsboro. P.D. Bowles; promoted. L. Houston Scruggs of Madison; wounded at Chicamauga.

Majors – Charles L. Scott of Wilcox; wounded at Manassas; resigned. P.D. Bowles; promoted. L.H. Scruggs; promoted. Thomas K. Coleman of Perry; killed at Chicamauga. W.M. Robbins of Perry; wounded at Wilderness.

Adjutant – Robert T. Coles of Madison; wounded at Gaines’ Mill.