Melvin’s Campfire

Melvin’s Campfire

“Then it’s true then; what they say?” Melvin seemed eager to talk. Smiling, he turned to Raven and said, “Maybe, but probably not. At least probably not the way you heard it. Why don’t you tell me what they say; what you’ve been told, and we’ll talk about it.”

Raven and The Hornets’ Nest

Raven would harass the bees and wasps—he would torment them. If he found an insect in a blossom, he would slap the blossom shut using both hands trying to squash the insect gathering the nectar.

Hipmoflux Sentences Melvin To A Lifetime in Alabama

Brother, have you ever thought about our future? I mean like what becomes of us after we’re finished with Raven. With his well practiced Rhett Butler impersonation, Hipmoflux replied, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

“I will admit you were pretty good in that role,” Goanther replied with sincerity, “but you really could not do the stunts like Canutt could. I just cannot believe you really don’t care what happens to us after this.”

“Goanther, how many times have we had this conversation – maybe a million or two million times? Why do you ask those types of questions – what’s the point?

Raven and Kenny in The Cornfield

Raven wished now he had gone to Bankhead National Forest like Kenny had suggested. But since he hadn’t, he now had to figure out how he was going to let Kenny know what he had seen and figure out how he was going to explain to him why he had not charged in with guns blazing. Raven was just thankful that he had seen the blue pickup through the corn stalks before they saw him. He knew Kenny would recognize the truck too and he also knew that Kenny had not connected the dots like he had. If he had, he would have already mentioned it.

A Matter of National Security

“What’s up, homeboy?” Raven’s voice was unmistakable. His voice always made Homer’s smartphone rumble on the desktop because of his low rumbling voice. Homer picked up the phone and turned off the speaker just in case. “I’m trying to run down the status of those old Hobbs Island rail lines for your client. And I need to figure out what I’m going to do with this kitten.