Boyington Oak | Church Street Graveyard | Mobile Alabama

Boyington Oak

The Boyington Oak is a historic Southern live oak in Mobile, Alabama. In a city with many live oaks that are famous for their age and size, the Boyington Oak stands out as a singular example of one famous for the folklore surrounding its origin.
Ghost stories about the tree claim that visitors have reported hearing crying and whispering sounds emanating from the vicinity of the tree.

The Sinister Sepulchre: Oakey Streak Methodist Church

Consolation Church Cemetery, Red Level AL

Consolation Church Cemetery, Red Level AL

Nothing less than reports of hellhounds, a shrieking banshee and whimpering from inside Consolation Church, also known as the Oakey Streak Methodist Church. Legend and the local rumor mill is that local family ancestors and visitors to Red Level have for decades told that the church was abandoned long ago due to circumstances that could not be controlled. Generations of residents have told tales of human possession and driverless trucks around the church and graveyard. Reports from paranormal investigators and statements from visitors passing through the area of the church have been documented and all claim that they have been touched by spirits when they asked for a sign from beyond the grave. The church burned in 2015 but confederate soldiers and a little boy and girl are said to still haunt the graveyard.


Bass Cemetery in Irondale Alabama

Alabama Haunted and/or Spooky Places
Bass Cemetery, Irondale AL

This cemetery is located on Ruffner Road also known as County Road 147 in Irondale Alabama. It is off a dirt road and back in the woods. The cemetery is 150 to 200 years old. Reports of paranormal activity are common. Alabama Haunted Places