Cahaba Alabama

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Cahaba Alabama

First capital of Alabama located off of Alabama Highway 22, west of Alabama River in Dallas County.

Also spelled Cahawba, the town was laid out in 1819 and a busily functioning capitol city by 1820. Cahawba existed as the state capital between the years 1819-1826. The first flood in 1825 was so major that it caused part of the statehouse to collapse. Shortly after the American Civil War, Cahawba became a ghost town.

The Alabama Historical Commission maintains Cahaba as a state historic site and as an important archaeological site. Now a park, abandoned streets, cemeteries, and ruins remain.There are several buildings within Cahaba’s city limits that are still intact today, including its Civil War federal prison and a farmhouse built in 1841, although it is long uninhabited.

9518 Cahaba Road
Orrville, AL 36767
Phone/Fax 334-872-8058

Visitor Center: 
Open 12pm – 5pm daily
Open 9am – 5pm daily
Old Cahawba Alabama
Alabama Historical Commission

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