Alabama Cities


Hello and thanks for visiting. The Digital Alabama Guide to Alabama Cities is more a story platform than a reference. You will find some facts and figures about various cities in Alabama but they primarily serve as a foundation for creating a page for the city. To start a city page, I enter information intended solely to help Google figure out what the page is all about and have the page indexed. After that, pretty much everything researched or incidentally discovered may be included on the city page.

The goal I have for each city is to tell you things about the city that you will not find listed among the hundreds of internet pages of city facts and figures. I try to use a writing style that “shows” more than it “tells.” In some ways, the style is like a travel diary or travelogue.

On occasion, research for a client may require a visit to the city. Or, we may visit just on a whim. In either case, we try to experience, and share with you, the non-touristy essence of the city – reasons why one might want to visit or stay away.

One last thing. I browse through the visitor log several times a day in order to see where visitors are connecting from. This has proved to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of maintaining the website. I guess you could say it helps me “connect” with all of you. I try to learn about your hometown and include any information I find that may be of interest to others.

If you would like to suggest a city to include on Digital Alabama, or if you want to pass along additional information about a city, please contact me:

Terry Platt, webmaster