Historic Places and Ghost Towns in Bibb County Alabama

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Historic Places and Ghost Towns in Bibb County Alabama


Also known as Punyville. Post office in operation 1858-1866 and 1881-1903. Located along Affonee Creek about two miles west of Duff Settlement, Alabama.

Ashby Station

Mentioned in “1865 Alabama: From Civil War to Uncivil Peace” by Christopher Lyle Mcilwain, Sr. as “Ashby station (lower case ‘s’) : “Wilson’s forces made quick work of the blast furnaces and rolling mill at the Bibb Naval Furnace at Brierfield near the Ashby station of the Alabama and Tennessee Rivers Railroad to Selma,…).

Also mentioned in “The Story of Coal and Iron in Alabama” by Ethel Armes: “A branch railroad from Ashby station, one and a half miles distant, on the Alabama and Tennesse Rivers Railroad…”. It appears that Ashby Station was located on the railroad line about three miles south of Brierfield near the east county line.

Brierfield is an unincorporated community in Bibb County, Alabama, United States. It was established in the mid 19th century and was the site of a major ironworks operation during and following the American Civil War. It is thought by scholars to be named in honor of Jefferson Davis’ Brierfield Plantation, which supplied the first ironworks with machinery. It has two sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Brierfield Furnace and Montebrier.

Wikipedia contributors, “Brierfield, Alabama,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Brierfield,_Alabama&oldid=820437491 (accessed January 25, 2019).


Bagley Alabama

Reported to be located four miles west of Brent, Alabama. Recent research does not confirm this report. There is a Bagley, Alabama, however, in Jefferson County.

Big Springs

Reported to have been located on the railroad line three miles north of West Blocton, Alabama.

No information found confirms the reported location north of West Blocton.

There is a Big Spring historic populated place feature in Marshall County located at 34.2259284 & -86.4066517. 

Another Big Spring is in Tuscumbia. Tuscumbia had its beginnings when the Michael Dixon family arrived about 1816. They traded with Chief Tucumseh for the Tuscumbia Valley and built their home at the head of the big spring. From these humble dwellings quickly developed a village known as the Big Spring Community. The men of the community requested that the state legislature incorporate them as a city. The town was incorporated in 1820 as Ococoposa and is one of Alabama’s oldest towns. In 1821, its name was changed to Big Spring and on December 22, 1822, to Tuscumbia, after the Chief Rainmaker of the Chickasaws.

Also, there is a Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville, Alabama (also known as Big Spring International Park.) The park is built around its namesake “Big Spring”, the original water source that the city of Huntsville was built around.

Data Alabama

Also known as Keeton Corner, also known as Camp Hugh. Post Office in operation 1888-1909. Located within Talladega National Forest in extreme west of the county.

Coordinates: 32.9709571°N, -87.3841682°W
Approx. Elevation: 256 feet (78 meters)
USGS Topo Map Quad: Payne Lake
Feature Type: Locale

Ingate Alabama

A populated place located in Bibb County at latitude 32.968 and longitude -87.216. Reported as being on railroad line, 2 ½ miles southeast of Eoline, Alabama.

Jamesville Alabama

Reported being three miles north of Centerville, Alabama.

Modena Alabama

Post office in operation 1899-1905.

River Bend Alabama

Several places are called River Bend, however the historical site mentioned here is located at 33.0298438 N and -87.0902724.

Mertz Alabama

Hallmon Hollow is another name for Mertz. Post office in operation 1899-1940. Located in southwest corner of the county, five miles west of Pondville, Alabama.

Tannehill Alabama

Once a major pig-iron region in the South, now a state park. The town was destroyed during the Civil War. There are numerous legends that tell of hidden treasure being cached at Tannehill.

Willford Alabama

Postal History records indicate a Willford post office was in operation from 1903 – 1909. No information found other than token found. Willford has been reported as being located on railroad line five  miles northwest of  Eoline, Alabama which is located on U.S. Route 82, 8.1 miles northwest of Centreville, Alabama.


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