Failetown, Alabama

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Failetown, Alabama

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Failetown is a ghost town in Clarke County. Lewis Faile, aka Louis Fails, and his children, Richmond, Terrell and Morgan Faile settled Failetown in the 1850s when they moved west from South Carolina,

Today all that remains is the Fail Cemetery at the Cross Roads of Woodsbluff Road and Pearl Drive. Failetown is the site of the October 4, 1813, Bashi Skirmish of the first Creek War that was fought between the United States and the Creek Indians. Colonel William McGrew leading a group of twenty five militia was ambushed leaving five dead. Colonel McGrew and Captain William Bradbury, both veterans of the Battle of Burnt Corn, were killed along with Edmund Miles, Jesse Griffin and David Griffin. David Griffin’s body was never found.

Today the only thing that remains of the town is the Faile Cemetery which contains the graves of the Faile, Mott and Agee families.

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