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Haunted Places In Alabama

Ghosts, ghost towns and haunted places are common throughout the state of Alabama. The majority of the ghost sightings and haunted places stories published here are likely nothing more than folklore and home-spun ghost stories. However, we have attempted to gather as much information as possible from across the state and from various sources and publish it here into tales by location.

Slowly but surely, we will be able to visit and investigate these tales. As we do, a new and updated article will be created for each investigation.

Please be aware that many of these locations are on private property and others may be condemned or considered dangerous. In all cases, follow the law and stay safe. 

If you can suggest a location to add to this article or a location for us to visit and investigate, please contact us.


Haunted Places in Alabama

Haunted Places in Adamsville, Alabama

Adamsville is a city in western Jefferson County, Alabama. It is north from the Birmingham suburb of Pleasant Grove. It initially incorporated in 1901 (although the 1910 U.S. Census stated 1900), but disincorporated in 1915. It later reincorporated in 1953.

Adamsville is also the site of Indian Meadows built over a Cherokee Indian burial ground. Several hauntings have been reported.

Bottenfield Middle School

It has been reported that the school is the site for the ghost of a young man in the band and choir wing of the school.


Haunted Places in Alabaster, Alabama

Alabaster is a city and southern suburb of Birmingham, Alabama in Shelby County, Alabama.

Buck Creek Cotton Mill

This building and location has such history we figured it definitely should be listed. The original name of this cotton mill was Suluria Cotton Mill, built in 1896, which was later changed to Buck Creek. Local authorities are well aware of the stories of hauntings, which attracted trespassing, and fenced in and secured the property. The mill was later torn down in 2007, but a few of the original buildings still remain. There is the small jail, office building, and water tower. Locally it is well known as a haunted location, due to the many death that occurred on the site. Supposedly there is blood spots in some rooms, random cold spots, dark moving shadows and some very scary, unexplained noises.

The Alabaster Police Department will arrest and prosecute trespassers.

The Buck Creek Mill (originally Selma Cotton Mill, then Siluria Cotton Mill) was a large textile mill founded in 1896, built on Buck Creek in Siluria in Shelby County. The main section of the mill building was completed in 1904, with additions in 1906 and 1911, when it took its best-known name.
The mill was founded by Thomas C. Thompson on grounds once used to muster the Shelby County Volunteers for service in the Creek Indian War. As the mill grew, the company built a mill village of cottages and schools, along with a hotel, ballpark, clubhouse and medical dispensary nearby. A two story Buck Creek Community House with a movie theater on the upper level was destroyed by fire in 1933. The cinema was relocated to the 1924 Buck Creek Band Hall next door and was operated until 1979. In addition to Scouting groups and the brass band, the company sponsored an Industrial League baseball team.
The mill was heavily damaged by a tornado in 1953, but was rebuilt. The town of Siluria was incorporated on May 25, 1954.
The mill was purchased in December 1959 by the J.W. Valentine Company and went back to being called Siluria Mills for about five years, after which Buck Creek Industries took ownership and sold the village houses to employees. In 1968 the mill was bought by Reeves Brothers, who sold it in 1972 to Canton Textile Mills. In May 1979 the mill was closed.
After the shut down the site had been used as a flea market, and had gradually fallen into greater disrepair.
The City of Alabaster, which annexed Siluria, purchased the property in 2004. They contracted with the Granger Grading Company to demolish the structure in exchange for salvage materials. A fire broke out in one of the structures in August, 2007, during demolition.



Haunted Places in Albertville, Alabama

Alabama Avenue Middle School

At night you will hear doors slamming and see lights flickering on and off. You’ll lock your locker, leave and then walk back to your locker to find it unlocked. You’ll also hear kids in the hallway and no one is there.

Albertville Public Library

Workers say that the elevator will go up and down by itself. They’ll hear water running in the bathroom and it stops when they look to see where it’s coming from. They say that the library was built over a house that was torn down in the early 1900’s and that the people who lived there are angry about it, so they haunt the library. Most of the things happen early in the morning, when the first person comes to work all alone.

Albertville Exxon Station

On any night, you will hear mumbles and objects like rocks and pebbles. Wait for a minute and you’ll see dark shadows.

Haunted Places in Anniston Alabama

The Victoria Inn

The hotel’s restaurant is believed to be haunted by at least one spirit. Many guests, as well as hotel staff, have reported hearing footsteps not just in the restaurant but throughout the house. Music has been heard playing in the music room, even when it is completely empty.

Stringfellow Memoria Hospital

Haunted Places in Ashland Alabama

Clairmont Springs Hotel

Built over an Indian burial ground. Back in 1972, a train hit a six year-old girl across the street. Every night at midnight one can hear trains going by but they are never seen. Meanwhile, in the hotel, a ghost roams around and they say you can hear the six year-old running through the halls. The hotel closed down in 1975.

Hudson House

It’s an old house in the middle of nowhere. It is said to be haunted by a lot of ghosts. When you walk around the house, you can hear voices and footsteps, and you can even hear dogs panting. If you stand in front of the house, you can feel someone tap you on the shoulder. There is even a creepy dark figure that runs on top of the roof.

Haunted Places in Ashville, Alabama

Ashville is a city in St. Clair County, Alabama. Its population was 2,212 at the 2010 census, down from 2,260, at which time it was a town. Ashville is the county seat of St. Clair County along with Pell City. It incorporated in 1822.

Engle Mountain

Two tall figures have been seen walking the midst of Engle Mountain. Residents of the area have reported hearing shotguns going off in the night between 12:00AM and 2:00AM. It is often said that residents around the area have computers that turn on and off in the night with ghostly looking images popping up all over the screen.

 Haunted Places in Athens, Alabama

Athens State College

During the Civil War, a mysteriouslady in a flowing lace dress was looking out her window wheconfederates bombed the place. She was so frantic, she took one last look at her room on the very top floor, and jumped out the window. She hit an open window on the way down, splattering blood down the wall of what is now a college. Every Monday morning at exactly nine o’clock, you can see the horrific scene in a ghostly, transparent sort of way. Every other day of the week, you see her, standing there, looking out
of her window.

McCandles Hall is supposedly haunted by a girl in a white dress who died in McCandles Hall. It’s also supposedly haunted by Madame Childs, who haunts the young women who stay out past curfew.

Haunted Places in Attalla, Alabama

Attalla is a city in Etowah County, Alabama, United States. As of the 2010 census, the population was 6,048.The town occupies the site of an Indian village which was of considerable importance during the Creek War. It was in Attalla that David Brown, a Cherokee assisted by the Rev. D. S. Butterick, prepared the Cherokee Spelling Book.

Attalla was not founded until 1870, on land donated by W. C. Hammond, a plantation owner. It was incorporated as a city government on February 5, 1872. The town was officially named “Attalla” in 1893, from the Cherokee language word meaning “mountain”. Attalla was prosperous until the railroads that it depended on went into bankruptcy.

Attalla is the site of the first hydroelectric dam to provide electricity for a city, constructed in 1887.

Attalla Wood Bridge

Some people say that a school bus full of kids fell of the bridge and went into the lake for years people say that if you go there at night just put your front wheels on the bridge on the right side of the bridge and then put your car into neutral the children of the school bus accident will push you across so that you don’t fall off.

‘Haunted Bridge’ arrives at new home in Attalla

Haunted Places in Auburn, Alabama

Old Train Depot

Near Auburn, there is an old abandoned train depot. It is said that if you go in there, no matter where you go, you always come back to the spot where you came in.

University Chapel

Haunted by a confederate soldier.

 Haunted Places in Bay Minette Alabama

Old Public Library

Was the site of old city hall/morgue in the early 1900’s. Faces can be seen peering out windows, figures can be seen moving about, and books move by themselves.

Haunted Places in Bayou La Batre, Alabama

Bayou La Batre Jail

Late at night while everyone is quiet and still, a ghostly figure can be seen leaving the cell in the middle of the jail. Also, you can hear the toilet flushing, even though no one is ever in that cell. The legend has it that the cell served as a “drunk tank” and the cops hung a man there in the early 1980s.

Gwodz Rd.

  In the early 1930s and 40s, some members of the KKK in Bayou La Batre hung some local black folks for reasons unknown. To this day, ones who were hung come back on certain nights.
When you stop your car under the noose, turn off the vehicle and lights, and wait, you can hear scratches on top of the car and it will also shake. Also, you will hear screaming and sometimes laughter.

Haunted Places in Bayview, Alabama

Bayview is a community in Jefferson County, Alabama. It is north from the Birmingham suburb of Pleasant Grove. This community is built around Bayview Lake. It voted to be annexed by its nearest town of Mulga.

Bayview Bridge

It is said that a woman has been seen walking across the bridge in her wedding dress. She ran away from her wedding and when she was driving away, her car ran off the bridge. Several version of the Bride of Bayview Bridge are told on The Bride of Bayview Bridge page.

Village Falls Cemetery

There have been sightings of ghostly figures hanging from a tree. Witnesses have encountered many odd feelings of a presence being close. The streetlights that are surrounding the cemetery often come off and on, one by one, all by themselves.

Haunted Places in Bellville, Alabama

Bush Upton’s House

Bush Upton’s House – used to be a Civil War Hospital. Reports of Ghosts of soldiers throwing things at windows and breaking them.

Haunted Places in Birmingham, Alabama 

Banks Middle School

At the sixth grade section of the girls bathroom on Halloween, you can hear doors slamming shut while you are in class. Also, many years ago a teacher killed herself by jumping off the airplane that sits on top of the building. It is said that a disruptive student drove her crazy. Also, on Halloween the intercom will just click on by itself.

Bass Cemetery

The cemetery is just over 200 years old and is the final resting place of many Civil War soldiers and deceased slaves.
There have also been reports of Occult happenings there. Along with
these reports came various accounts of animal corpses around the
cemetery. One crypt there has been located and the body was removed.
Apparitions have been seen, the feeling of being followed and strange
screams have been heard.

Old Public Library

They say that in the library, people see the man that first opened the building and that people have strange feelings and can see things being moved by themselves.

Parkwood Apartments on 4th Ave South

At the apartments, they say that there was a horrible homicide in the1970’s. Every year in January on the anniversary of the murders, blood appears to ooze from the upstairs foyer, the stench of burning human flesh is pungent, and one woman even reported feeling fingers caress her neck and bosom. Many believe the apparition to be that of the murderer who was never found.

Redmont Hotel

The Redmont Hotel is the oldest active hotel in Birmingham, having first opened in 1925 . It has been the site of weddings, celebrities, politicians, fire scares and even the shooting of a “bandit” in 1934.

The Redmont Hotel has a surprisingly haunted past. Apparently, the ghost of a woman in white who passed away in the hotel has been seen on the ninth floor. Additionally, the ghost of a former owner, Clifford Stiles, is said to walk the halls. And a small dog is seen trotting about the hotel as well. But the most famous ghost of the hotel is that of famous singer Hank Williams, who has been seen in the room he stayed in right before his death.

Sloss Furnaces

In 2008, a team from Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” filmed an episode at Sloss. The Travel Channel website says: “On Sept. 9, 1887, Richard Jowers was working at Furnace Number One. Standing near the top of the furnace, he slipped, and he and the heavy bell he had been preparing to melt tumbled into the molten steel below. There was nothing anyone could do to help, and they stood helplessly by as Jowers was incinerated. It is rumored they were able to remove his head and several bones before his remains were lost completely. At night, this old building, now a national landmark, still echoes with noises from its perilous past.”

Tutwiler Hotel

The Tutwiler Hotel (recently renamed Hampton Inn & Suites Birmingham) has an especially interesting and haunted past. Apparently, a bartender working at the hotel in 1995 experienced a multitude of ghost sightings after the lights of the bar and kitchen would turn on by themselves.

Haunted Places in Cahaba, Alabama

Cahaba, also spelled Cahawba, was the first permanent state capital of Alabama from 1820 to 1825,and county seat of Dallas County, Alabama until 1866. It suffered a major flood in 1865 and the state legislature moved the county seat to Selma, which was better situated.
Cahaba is now a ghost town and state historic site. The site is located southwest of Selma, at the confluence of the Alabama and Cahaba rivers.
Although the area is no longer inhabited, the Alabama Historical Commission maintains Cahaba as a state historic site and as an important archaeological site. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. Visitors to this park can still see many of the abandoned streets, cemeteries, and ruins of this former state capital and county seat.

The town, and later its abandoned site, was the setting for many ghost stories during the 19th and 20th centuries. One of the most widely known is that of a ghostly orb in a now-vanished garden maze at the home of C. C. Pegues. The house was located on a lot that occupied a block between Pine and Chestnut streets. The purported haunting was recorded with “Specter in the Maze at Cahaba” in 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey.

Haunted Places in Camden, Alabama

Gaines Ridge Dinner Club

The Gaines Ridge Dinner Club has been named the “Most Haunted Restaurant in Alabama.” The popular restaurant is located in an 1820s Antebellum home and is well known for its family of ghosts. Several guests have reported hearing screams, the aroma of pipe smoke when no one is smoking, a floating woman in the windows, the cries of a baby and apparitions in mirrors of a tall, bearded man in black. The owner reports her experiences with the ghosts as “ghost truths” rather than ghost stories, because she has absolute conviction that they happened to her.

Haunted Places in Camp Hill, Alabama

Camp Hill is a town in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. It was  incorporated in 1895. At the 2010 census the population was 1,014, down from 1,273. Camp Hill is the home to Lyman Ward Military Academy.

Loveladies Bridge

Twenty years ago, a woman and her baby died in a car accident on the bridge. It is said that if you go to the middle of the bridge at night and say, “Lovelady, Lovelady, I got your baby!” three times, she will appear on the other end of the bridge andwalk towards you, looking for her baby.

Haunted Places in Cardiff, Alabama

 Cardiff is a town in Jefferson County, Alabama, United States west of Gardendale. At the 2010 census the population was 55, placing it as the least populated incorporated area in Jefferson County. 

Cardiff Cemetery

The older people from the area say that thisis where the dead look for their loved ones. On Friday the thirteenth,if you drive your car up to the graveyard, your car dies and you can’t start it for about five minutes.

Haunted Places in Carrollton, Alabama

Carrollton is a town in Pickens County, Alabama,. At the 2010 census the population was 1,019, up from 987 in 2000. The city is the county seat of Pickens County.

The Pickens County Courthouse in the center of Carrollton was erected in 1877. The first courthouse in Carrollton was burned on April 5, 1865 by troops of Union General John T. Croxton. A second courthouse was also destroyed by fire on November 16, 1876.

Pickens County Courthouse

The original courthouse burned down and everyone blamed Henry Wells. He was a rowdy man who lived out in the county. He was arrested and locked in the attic of the new courthouse. As a thunderstorm was rolling in, a mob gathered outside demanding that Wells be turned over to them. As Wells peered through the garret window at the mob outside thirsty for his blood, a lightning bolt struck the window, killing Henry Wells. From the strong electrical discharge, Wells’ face was etched into the glass. No amount of cleaning has been able to remove the face from the pane of glass. It is still there today at the Pickens County Courthouse.

Haunted Places in Clanton Alabama

Clanton is a city in Chilton County, Alabama. It is part of the Birmingham–Hoover–Cullman Combined Statistical Area. At the 2010 census the population was 8,619. The city is the county seat of Chilton County.

Bridge in Refuge

There’s this bridge in a place called Refuge. It’s a small, one-lane bridge in the middle of nowhere. If you go thereat night, you can hear strange sounds and see balls of light. Some people have said that when you get out of your car, you can hear and feel someone walking right next to you and feel a menacing presence.Lots of people have seen fog chasing them and there’s one area that no trees grow and everything looks dead. People have reported that their cars will start rocking, as well as being chased by an unknown entity. You can also feel an evil presence on some nights.

Haunted Places in Hartselle Alabama

Cry Baby Hollow

Legend has it that one foggy night a very longtime ago, there was a war going on. This woman had a baby and men were chasing her to kill her child, so she threw the baby in this little creek and the baby died. Now if you go over the bridge and leave an unwrapped candy bar, turn around and it will be gone. Some people say they can hear a baby crying, and sometimes you may even look into the water and see the shadow of a baby. Other versions of the story are told by the locals.

Haunted Places in Columbiana, Alabama

Columbiana is a city in Shelby County, Alabama. At the 2010 census the population was 4,197. The city is the county seat of Shelby County.

Old Courthouse on Main Street

Reporters have  investigated and it’s said to be haunted by a ghost that occupies the top floor. It was an old courthouse, but now it’s just a museum to  artifacts of a variety of old things. The blinds open and shut by themselves, and knocking can be heard in the upstairs kitchen and bathroom. A door was sealed off in the bathroom and the knocking usually comes from outside the door, only outside the door is nothing but the world. A wall was built behind the door and the knocking, noises and movement have yet to be explained.

Haunted Places in Cullman, Alabama

St. Bernard Prepatory School

A little boy in the girls’ dorm looks over you while you sleep. There is also a monk that can be seen floating across the campus late at night!

Cry Baby Hollow off Highway 31 North

It is said that when Cullman was being settled, a family in a wagon was crossing the small wooden bridge. A wheel broke off and the wagon turned over, throwing a small baby into the creek, killing it. Since that time, you can hear a baby crying. Also, if you put a candy bar on the bridge, leave and then come back, there will be a bite taken out of it.

Woodland Hospital

Several employees are said to have heard strange noises of people walking around in empty rooms as well as seeing ghostly visions of deceased patients in certain rooms. Also, commodes flush by themselves on the psych unit, ice machine will pour ice out at early morning hours without prompt. In the employee lounge,
it was reported that an employee was in the bathroom (an old hospital room) and heard footsteps and jingling keys in the room outside the bathroom door, as well as someone tinkering around in the room. No one was there.

Haunted Places in Dauphin Island, Alabama

Fort Gaines

This old fort is haunted by soldiers that died there. Spooky figures have been reported to appear all over the premises. People have claimed that a strange figure will follow people leaving the fort, then disappear.

Shell Mounds

In the depths of Shell Mounds, there is a clear circle surrounded by trees. This circle was the ceremony pit for the natives that are buried in this Indian Cemetery. On well-lit nights, you can see the female natives dancing to the sounds of their instruments.

Haunted Places in Demopolis, Alabama

Gaineswood Mansion

Haunted Places in Echo Alabama, Dale County

Bill Sketoe’s Hole

In November of 1864, Methodist minister William H. “Bill” Sketoe, who had served for the Confederate Army since 1861, was at home tending to his sick wife. However, shortly after he left, it was discovered that his leave of absence was unapproved, thus he was caught and arrested by the Newton Home Guard for desertion. More of the story is available on Bill Shetoe’s page.

Haunted Places in Florence Alabama

Florence is a city in and the county seat of Lauderdale County, Alabama, in the state’s northwest corner. According to the 2010 census, the city’s population was 39,319. Florence is the largest and principal city of the Florence– Muscle Shoals Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Ghost Bridge

Jackson Ford Bridge, properly nicknamed “Ghost Bridge.” Named Ghost Bridge by locals, it is said to have been the site for several lynchings and four murders. Strange lights and apparitions have been reported over the years even by horse and buggy passer-bys. The bridge is closed to vehicles, but the structure is still quite sound and has been saved by the Historical Society.

Pope’s Tavern
 Sweetwater Mansion

Stories of paranormal activity have been told about the house for many years. Numerous apparitions have allegedly been seen in and around the house. One of the most interesting stories involves a caretaker who reported that she saw a casket laid out in one of the downstairs rooms with the corpse of a Confederate soldier inside. She later discovered she had possibly seen the body of one of Governor Patton’s sons whose funeral was conducted in the house. Local paranormal investigators have investigated the property and Sweetwater Mansion was featured in an episode of A&E’s Paranormal State on April 25, 2011

Haunted Places in Grant, Alabama

Grant is a town in Marshall County, Alabama, United States. As of the 2010 census, the population of Grant was 896; it is included in the Huntsville-Decatur Combined Statistical Area. The town incorporated in November 1945

Becker Hall

Deceased basketball players still meet for a late night game, with fans there to cheer them on.

Constructed in 1937, the Florence H. Becker Recreation Hall was named in honor of Florence Hague Becker, President General of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution from 1935 to 1938. The vertically placed pine logs used in the construction of the building were cut from the forests of Gunter Mountain. Mr. A.M. Alred was the contractor for the original building. Thomas Hampton Smith was the contractor for the restoration of the building in 2004-2005. Becker Hall was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003.

Haunted Places in Greenville, Alabama

Cry Baby Creek

People say that years before, a woman and her baby were in a car accident and the baby landed in the ditch. It’s said that you can hear the baby crying around midnight and the mother calling out for her baby.

Haunted Places in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan, in Baldwin County, Alabama, was built in 1819 was in use during the Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I and World War II.

 At night, people have reported seeing shadowy figures wandering inside the walls of the fort, as well as strange mists and odd noises. Another story says when people feel a sudden sense of dread, they will soon see the apparition of a soldier. Other tales of Fort Morgan ghosts are told about the fort,

Haunted Places in Haine’s Island, Alabama

An old cable ferry operated at Davis Ferry on the Alabama River at Haines Island in west Monroe County. This ferry was taken out of service in 2013 and it is now on display at the Gee’s Bend Ferry Terminal and Welcome Center at Boykin, AL in Wilcox County.

Nancy Mountain

Nancy walks up and down the hill to the ferry in hopes to meet her son and husband that were in the war. She is seen walking with a lantern in one hand and a bucket of water in the other.

Haunted Places in Hartford, Alabama

Hartford is a city in Geneva County, Alabama, United States. It incorporated in 1896. It is part of the Dothan, Alabama Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Pondtown Road and Justice Mills Creek

At the bottom of the hill, there sits a small wooden bridge over a creek that flows into the woods on the other side. Off to the side is an old wrecked car with scratch marks covering the driver’s side door. Legend has it that a hateful man on that very same road, killed a massive German Shepard. The dog (now white and ghostly) supposedly haunts the road, looking for the man who took his life. They say on moonless nights, you can pull up to the bridge, shut your car down, and turn off all the lights. You’ll hear and sometimes see this frightful apparition.

Haunted Places in Hayden Alabama

Jack Cole Road

Almost 70 deaths along this road.

Haunted Places in Hazel Green, Alabama

Hazel Green is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Madison County.

Dale Mansion Site

A woman supposedly killed six of her husbands here. On stormy nights, you can hear men screaming.
There is a family plot where her father, the first settler of DeKalb
County, is buried. Teenagers have destroyed the cemetery. It’s on
private property, so no trespassing!

Haunted Places in Hueytown, Alabama

Hueytown is a city in western Jefferson County, Alabama, United States. It is part of the Birmingham metropolitan area. At the 2010 census the population was 16,105.

It was the home of the legendary NASCAR Alabama Gang. It also made international headlines in 1992 with the unexplained “Hueytown Hum”, a mysterious noise believed to be related to large ventilation fans for an underground coal mine in the area.

Lilly Lane

Residents of the entire street have reported seeing an old man walking up and down the street late at night. He always wears jeans and a white shirt. He has even been seen in some people’s houses. He has been spotted in the neighborhood for many years, and believed to be a protector spirit.

Haunted Places in Lynn Alabama

The Ghost of Highway 5

This stretch of road is haunted by the ghost of a woman who was killed by a trucker. Apparently, she travels up and down the road searching for her killer and has been reported to bang on truck doors in the midst of her searching. She supposedly steps on the side of trucks and peers inside the window to get a look at the driver. Not wanting to experience the sight of this angry apparition, many truckers bypass this stretch of road, choosing instead to take Highway 13. Truckers admit that driving down Highway 5 in a truck is still undeniably eerie. Read more of the story on The Ghost of Highway 5.

Haunted Places in Mobile, Alabama

Church Street Graveyard

Mobile’s Church Street Graveyard is best known for the oak tree that’s growing outside the cemetery wall. This tree is known as the Boyington Oak because it’s believed to be haunted by Charles R.S. Boyington. In 1835, Mr. Boyington was wrongfully accused of murder. He was later hanged by the neck and buried in the city’s Church Street Graveyard.

Prior to his hanging, Mr. Boyington declared that a mighty oak tree would spring from his heart to prove his innocence. An oak tree did eventually grow from his grave, and ever since then, there have been several reports of crying and whispering sounds coming from it.


Haunted Places in Montgomery, Alabama

Lucas Tavern

Lucas Tavern is part of a grouping of historical buildings, called Old Alabama Town that can all be found in Old North Hull Square, in the Old North Hull Historic District.

During the 1820 – 1840 era, Lucas Tavern was a favorite upscale place for travelers to spend the night in clean beds, enjoy a good meal and the warm southern hospitality of its owner and hostess, Eliza Lucas. Travelers like General Lafayette, who stayed there in 1825, enjoyed a dinner feast of a variety of Tavern fare that offered such items as chicken, ham, five vegetables, pudding and sauce, sweet pies, preserved fruits and a wonderful dessert of strawberries and plums, along with wine and brandy.

Eliza loved what she did and raised her family here. She had had little education, but was a motivated, hard worker, who put her all into her Tavern. Her warm hospitality, pleasant disposition and wonderful service she offered to her guests made her Tavern business a success.

The spirit of Eliza Lucas became active in 1980, after the renovations of the Tavern was complete, and the living had moved into the offices, located in the old bedrooms. Not only was her beloved Tavern restored, but she once again had people coming, visiting and occupying her Tavern.

There is more about Lucas Tavern on the Lucas Tavern page.

Haunted Places in Newton, Alabama

Bill Sketoe is reported to haunt the bridge over the Choctawhatchee River in Newton, Alabama. During the Civil War, Bill was the victim of a lynching for reportedly hiring a substitute to fight for him through the war while he came home to take care of his sick wife. Although he denied the charge, he was hung from the bridge, but being that he was a tall man, a hole had to be dug beneath his feet to properly execute the lynching. To this day, the hole has not and cannot be filled. 

Haunted Places in Northport, Alabama

Jemison Center or Old Bryce Hospital

A former insane asylum, Old Bryce Hospital is said to be haunted. Visitors claim to feel hot and cold spots, see items moving of their own accord and hear ghostly sounds and footsteps. More details are available on the Old Bryce Hospital page.

Haunted Places in Prattville, Alabama

Prattville is a city in Autauga and Elmore counties in the State of Alabama. As of the 2010 census, the population of the city is 33,960. Nicknamed “The Fountain City” due to the many artesian wells in the area, Prattville is part of the Montgomery metropolitan statistical area and serves as the county seat of Autauga County, Alabama.

The Black Lady in Prattville Cotton Gin

A popular ghost-story known as “The Black Lady,” inspired by deaths caused by poor working conditions in the nearby factories of downtown Prattville, is a popular phenomenon described by most as a black, ghastly figure that goes across the nearby dam during the night hours of 1 A.M to 4 A.M, and has been featured on the ghost hunting show, Deep South Paranormal.

Faith Serafin of Alabama Ghost Hunters fame, wrote:

The old Pratt Cotton Gin is located on the banks of the outer lining regions of the Alabama River in Prattville, Alabama. This skeletal wonder of brick and stone is hauntingly silent. Now free from the machinery that ran the mill for more than one hundred years, only the spirits remain. In its years of operation, a young boy named, Willie Youngblood fell to his death in an elevator shaft. His mother spent the next year in a silent depression and distraught state. She eventually prevailed in joining her son in the afterlife when she flung herself off the Pratt Mill dam and drown to death.

Read more about the Lady in Black.

Bear Creek Swamp

Stories persist about the creepy Bear Creek Swamp. USA Today ran an article about the swamp.

Haunted Places in Sardis, Alabama
Adams Grove Presbyterian Church

Located along County Road 55 in Sardis, Alabama is Adams Grove Presbyterian Church which was built in 1853, In 1974, the church’s last congregation was held and in 1986, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

It is said that Adams Grove Presbyterian Church and its attached cemetery is one of Alabama’s most haunted locations. Ever since its last congregation, strange occurrences have been reported by residents of Dallas County. Over the years, paranormal investigators have also witnessed strange things happening. Several people have reported seeing a shadowy man with fiery red eyes in both the church and the cemetery. Many people have also reported seeing the ghost of a Confederate soldier ordering trespassers off the property if they enter the cemetery.

The church is now privately owned.

Haunted Places in Selma, Alabama

Selma is a city in and the county seat of Dallas County, Alabama, in the Black Belt region of south central Alabama and extending to the west. Located on the banks of the Alabama River, the city has a population of 20,756 as of the 2010 census.

St. James Hotel

Built in 1837, Selma’s St. James Hotel is one of the oldest in the South. Although it was closed for nearly 100 years, it was restored in 1997. According to legend, three entities haunt the hotel: Jesse James, James’ girlfriend Lucinda and a dog. There’s more to the story on the St. James Hotel webpage.

Sturdivant Hall
Tally Ho Restaurant

Haunted by a ghost named Betty. Some say Betty was a party goer that visited the place during prohibition. Others say she was an employee. Betty wore lilac perfume and on ocassion the perfume can be smelled and Betty turns off the lights and swings the chandelier in the main dining room.

Old Depot Museum

This was the Train Depot in Selma and prior to that was a munitions depot during the civil war. There are many early artifacts housed in this museum. The ghost who lives here will cause the elevator in the building to go up and down by itself and opens the door. This museum is open to the public daily. Admission charged.

Haunted Places in Sumiton, Alabama

Sumiton is a city in Jefferson and Walker counties, Alabama. It incorporated in 1952.

Sumiton Elementary Middle School

There is a man that died there who worked in the boiler room. He has been
seen there, wondering the school several times a day.

Haunted Places in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
The Drish House

Built in 1837 by Dr. John R. Drish over a 450-acre plantation. Apparently Dr. Drish, who loved gambling and drinking, died in 1867 from falling down a stairway while drunk. Alleged supernatural events over the years have included people reportedly seeing the third-story tower on fire, when no fire is present, and ghostly lights coming out of the house.

Haunted Places in Union Springs, Alabama
Josephine Hotel

Staff and guests at the 1880 Josephine Hotel have reported hearing ghostly voices and strange lights at night. Local ghost hunters have document cases of the haunting, and even offer the occasional ghost tour for those brave enough to attend. The building no longer operates as a hotel, but is still open to the public as it has been converted into combination cafe, art studio, and gift shop.

Haunted Places in Warrior, Alabama

Warrior is a city in Jefferson County and Blount County in the State of Alabama.

Corner High School 

There was this old cemetery in the early 1800’s, and workers tore the tombstones down and built Corner High School over the old cemetery. At night, if you look very close, you can see spirits walking up and down the halls.

Alabama Ghost Stories

We do extensive research prior to investigating a subject in order that we may be as productive as possible in discovering valid and useful information. Research of a subject more often than not requires extensive travel throughout the state so we map subject localities as one of the first steps. When we encounter a ghost town, or rumor of an abandoned area, we map it and, if time allows, talk with the locals and write their stories.

The Bride Ghost of Bayview Bridge in Mulga Alabama

Alabama Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters of Southern Territories

As stated elsewhere, we are not “ghost hunters” or any other type of “fill-in-the-blank hunters” with the exception of “truth” – we do go after the truth, the true story. Our small team consists entirely of trained and experienced professional investigators and investigative journalists. We are extremely fortunate to be able to call on former colleagues and a multitude of local experts across the great state of Alabama.

All of us here at Digital Alabama have what we consider the best jobs in the world. We are paid to travel the state and try to solve not only current mysteries but some of the oldest recorded or rumored incidents in our state’s history. 

Alabama Ghost Tours

In summary let me say that you are the beneficiary of thousands of dollars worth of our time. We never publish results of our investigations without permission of our clients but we do fill these pages with incidentals of our investigations that make for some very interesting reading. We have taken a unique method of presenting our findings to you by having our finished reports narrated by professional story tellers – some totally fictitious and others a takeoff of real people, both past and present. We hope you enjoy our Alabama ghost tours by way of the written word.

We would love to work on your case. We would also greatly appreciate any information you may be able to share that would help us with our endeavors. We offer “Total Threat Solutions™” using the world-standard investigative process.

If you have investigation needs, questions or helpful information, please contact the editor via email: staff at digitalalabama dot com. 

Alabama Ghost Photos

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